Thursday, May 12, 2016

Naked travels in Florida

Scott D (L) and Mike M (R)

When I met Scott D. at the 2015 GNI Gathering, my first, he invited me to come visit him in Ft. Lauderdale.

The winter here in Nebraska was long, dark and cold; definitely tough times for a naturist. Clothing was not optional!

I booked my flights in September, right after the Gathering, to depart on April 18, 2016. That was the day I knew the income taxes would be finished and relaxation could begin. (It seems no matter how I plan, the returns for my business and my family’s farm always go right down to the wire.)

As the trip came nearer, Scott asked me how I’d like to spend the week in Florida. “I want to be outdoors naked as much as possible, “ was my reply.

My new friend and tour director came through with flying colors!

Our itinerary included:
·       Haulover Beach, Miami’s famous nudist strand
·       The Club Ft. Lauderdale pool and sun deck
·       Vitambi Springs Resort, a gay-owned, clothing-optional campground in central Florida

Haulover was a revelation!!  In my experience, sunbathing naked by an ocean has always meant trekking miles of tough terrain, toting all my gear, food and drink.

In contrast, the clothing optional section of Miami Beach sits at the north end of an ample parking lot. A short walk takes you to a clean, modern bath house with the beach just a few steps beyond.

Swimming naked is one of my favorite things to do. Going buff in the Atlantic Ocean’s just- warm-enough-to-swim waves was Heaven.

The next day, Scott had errands to run. So I spent the afternoon bare-ass sunning, swimming and playing at the Club Ft. Lauderdale baths. The pool and sun deck were first-rate, as was the scenery. 

On Friday, Scott and I headed inland to the gay-owned Vitambi Springs Resort, about 100 miles west of Ft. Lauderdale.

The beautiful, well-appointed and maintained campground hosts clothing-optional gay events about every other weekend during the winter season.

We joined about 75-100 other friendly naturist guys for the “Lumber Jock” weekend. The event included “Survivor” –like obstacle course races as well as tests of memory, trivia and puzzle-solving. 

Here, too, the pool was great as were all the facilities. I would highly recommend attending an event at Vitambi.

All winter I looked forward to my Florida vacation. It was a marvelous trip, thanks to my new friend, Scott, and the many naturist guys we met along the way.

See you at the August!

Nebraska Mike

WNBR Manchester UK planned for Friday, June 10,

World Naked Bike Ride is scheduled for Friday, June 10, this year’s ride will again begin at All Saints on Oxford Road.

A History of Nude Swimming at the YMCA

History of Nude Swimming at the Y - Nude swimming had very real practical and health factors causing the policy to be enacted.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Haulover Beach Ambassador Training

Special outreach to gay naturists for Haulover Beach Ambassador training on Saturday, May 14 in Miami, FL
by Seth P., Newsletter Editor, South Florida Free Beaches

Do you spend a lot of time on Miami's nude beach? If so, here's your chance to give back by volunteering as a Beach Ambassador (BA) to help maintain naturist standards on Haulover Beach and keep it safely nude for all to enjoy. Sign up for and attend this training at Haulover Beach to become part of a wonderful corps of volunteers. Get a cool hat to wear and free parking on duty days!

A key factor in keeping Miami’s naturist beach a safe and pleasant place to visit is the Haulover Beach Ambassador program. BAs serve as beach monitors and greeters, a combination of block watch and welcome wagon. They are extra eyes and ears for Ocean Rescue (lifeguards), park staff, and police, observing and reporting any problems, welcoming "nudecomers" to the beach, providing information on park rules and guidance on naturist etiquette, answering questions about the organizations that sponsor the BA program, and sharing with visitors their knowledge of Haulover Park amenities, local hotels and restaurants, etc.

The north end of the clothing-optional section is the part that’s most popular with the guys, but it doesn't have sufficient BA coverage. South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association and B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation Institute are reaching out to gay patrons of Haulover Beach who frequent the north end and have the community knowledge and sensitivity to perform well there as BAs.

The next Beach Ambassador training is scheduled for Haulover Beach in Miami on Saturday, May 14. In case you can't make it to that one, the dates of subsequent training sessions in 2016 are Sunday, August 21 and Saturday, November 12. Seasonal residents are welcome to participate.

Learn more at You'll find there an overview of the training, a link to the training manual, and an entertaining article describing a typical Beach Ambassador shift. If you have any questions or wish to sign up for a BA training session, contact Ken.

WildFyre Society Nude Live Theater Night

WildFyre Society nude audience night for the play, "Party"in Fort Lauderdale, FL
by Seth P., organizer

The WildFyre Society in South Florida presents another fabulous, nude audience live theater event, in collaboration with Ronnie Larsen Presents, at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, including a pre-performance reception, on Saturday, June 2, 6:30pm-10:00pm. The audience is invited to linger after the show to take a selfie with the cast on the stage. (Reception starts at 6:30; door is locked and performance starts at 8:00.)

In "Party," a group of seven gay friends get together for a kiki in mid-1990s Manhattan. The evening is full of campy comebacks, Broadway references, and naughty party games. As the evening progresses, the guys start to play a version of "Truth or Dare" in which they must answer intimate questions and act out sexual fantasies, all the while shedding an article of clothing with each round until they all end up naked. The dialog is hilarious but also turns poignant as it touches gently on darker themes, including a painful coming out, unrequited love, and the loss of friends in the AIDS epidemic unfolding around them.

Limited availability. Admission is by advance ticket purchase. Maximum capacity is 50. Get more details and reserve seat(s) ASAP for this special, June 2 performance on the club’s website at

Can’t make it on this date? Regular, clothing-required performances run Wednesdays through Sundays, with matinĂ©es on weekends, May 6 through June 12. Get more information and book for a textile performance at

GNI Naked Getaway™ / Naturists at Vitambi Springs (N-VS)

N-VS nude weekends for men are set for the rest of 2016 at Vitambi Springs Florida Wilderness Resort & Campground in Clewiston, FL. GNI is a promotional sponsor of N-VS weekends as part of its Naked Getaway™ series. The next one, themed as "Taboo," takes place Friday-Sunday, June 10-12.

Two-thirds of Vitambi Springs’ 269-acre (109-hectare) property are always clothing-optional, but N-VS (plus naked yoga and bare bear) weekends have an extended nudity policy covering the entire property (except for Big Oak Lodge, the clubhouse, where food and beverage service preclude full nudity, due to county regulations).

Vitambi Springs is located about 90 minutes’ drive northwest of Fort Lauderdale. It is approximately two hours’ drive from Miami and about the same from many locations along Florida’s southwest coast.

On N-VS weekends, current GNI members (with proof of membership) are eligible for a 3-4-2 special (click and scroll down). Book for two nights and get a third night free at the same level of accommodation.Below are the remaining nude weekends for men at Vitambi Springs scheduled for 2016. Note that "Bares in the Buff" is not an N-VS weekend, but the same expanded nudity policy applies.

N-VS: TabooJune 10-12
N-VS: BeachJuly 15-17
N-VS: VoodooAugust 19-21
N-VS: RetroOctober 14-16
N-VS: WishboneNovember 18-20
Bears in the Buff (not N-VS), December 16-18

Find out more on the Vitambi Springs web site or call 1 (863) 983-8488 for questions and reservations