Thursday, May 6, 2021

NakedFest! Did I get your attention? Or, “if I had a nickel for every time someone asked why The Gathering is called NakedFest, I’d be rich."

By Jon P.  - GNI Board Member

I didn’t mean to make light of an important question, but the headline says it all: you can expect something different for GNI’s 2021 event. Men new to our gatherings should expect to make new, life-long friends in an idyllic setting. Our regular attendees know that due to circumstances, requirements for large gatherings are different in 2021. 

You may have noticed that GNI is out front in its leadership in Covid safety as a naturist organization. We also know that other groups will be looking to our event to see what is possible as more and more of the world becomes inoculated to this virus. You can be assured that the GNI Board and executive leadership are meeting often to create the safest possible event for both new and experienced nudists.
Photo from Nakedfest 2014

So, I still haven’t answered your question, have I? Why call it “NakedFest?” Well, back in 2015 while I was new to the GNI board, we created an alternative, smaller event to vary our offerings and to simply try something new. We called it NakedFest, with the full intention of bringing the idea back. NakedFest2015 was a LOT of fun, in a different setting, with new activities, and an all-around sense of greater community. Why wouldn’t we want to bring that back?
Photo from Nakedfest 2014

Because our 2021 event will look a bit different, we want to help everyone enter the space in a mindset of discovery and adventure. Calling it The Gathering, or even using our Naked Camp alternative, wasn’t a fair way to describe the large, international event that we’ve become. Though it will be at our traditional location, activities may look a bit different. Some events may not happen or will occur in different locations. But, all in all, we are giving you an event where everyone is vaccinated and you can make a complete range of choices in how you want to get involved.
Photo from Gathering 2018

One activity that our organizers [remember, they volunteer their time] are working on is the Dance Club. A variety of measures are being discussed, debated, and deliberated about how to keep it fun while not piling 400 wonderfully hot and sweaty bodies right on top of each other. Also, dining will look different; expect that you’ll probably be eating under a tent outside (yes, you might have to be a bit more bundled up.) What nightly entertainment will look like at this point is still being worked on. 

Covid has changed our event. It has changed so much of our lives. We hope 2022 will be the big 35th Anniversary event we’ve all been waiting for. Until then, bring your excitement and enthusiasm to NakedFest and make it the event that YOU will remember forever. 
Photo from Gathering 2018

New attendees! Be on the lookout for an upcoming Thursday Mingle where you’ll have the chance to ask questions about NakedFest.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

New BuffBuzz Editor Ready To Create New Buzz

Hello everyone. Johnny K. here. Some of you may know me as the new manager for the GNI social media accounts on Facebook and MeWe. What you may not know about me is that I am also the new editor for the GNI blog "BuffBuzz." As a way to reinvigorate the blog and get it back up and running, I thought it would be a cool idea to formally introduce myself to you guys so you could know more about me and my experience with nudism and GNI.

Just me relaxing in my room.

The picture above pretty much describes me to a T as some might say. Besides my interest in nudism (which I will mention next),  I am a hard-core video gamer. I have been playing video games since the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System came out in the mid-1980s (yes, I'm that old even though I have been told I don't look it). It's a major part of my life. In addition to that, I am very much a Disney fan. My ultimate dream right now is to move from Miami to Orlando (or somewhere nearby) so I can visit Disney frequently. And besides that, I am majorly into pop culture and just a very casual kind of guy.

A relaxing day at Haulover Beach in Miami.

My journey with nudism has been an interesting one. I was not part of a nudist family. I got into it totally 100% on my own. Growing up, I would always take the opportunity to be naked whenever I was home alone. I think that's when I started to realize how liberating nudism can be. But it wasn't until my early 20s when I finally took a chance and went to the local nude beach here in Miami (Haulover). It felt amazing to be around all the other nude people there even though I myself didn't get naked just yet. The normalcy in being around all the other nude people felt wonderful though. About my third visit is when I finally grabbed life by the balls as the saying goes and dropped my swim trunks and got fully naked at Haulover. And it felt so freeing and I just really immersed myself in the feeling of the warm sun-kissed breeze all over my body. And then I went into the ocean naked and it was just like being in the biggest bathtub ever in which everyone was allowed in. After this experience, I would never again go to a beach that wasn't nude/clothing-optional.

Unfortunately, that's about it with my nudist experiences. I have been a huge GNI follower for many years but as of yet have I been able to get involved with any of the events that this amazing organization offers. It's still something I hope to change in the next 2 years. I do hope to attend a Gathering event very soon so I can meet as many of you guys as possible. I look forward to increasing my circle of amazing nudist friends through GNI. Thankfully that's already happening with the help of social media apps and now with this blog.

I'm just going to close this first BuffBuzz blog of 2021by stating that we will be relying on you, our amazing GNI members and BuffBuzz readers, to contribute articles to this blog. We're still working out the details on how we will inform you about topics for each blog issue. For now, please keep an eye out on both the Facebook and MeWe groups for more information yet to come. Thanks for reading this blog article about me guys. I look forward to learning about you. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Support Your Local Men's Resort

These challenging times of COVID-19 quarantine has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard.  We continually hear about the challenges occurring to men’s resorts, and those that support social nudity.  GNI is here to lend support to getting the word out to promote resorts as best we can.  

GNI has a dedicated page listing resort deals for GNI members.

As an example, recently, Vitambi Springs in Clewiston, Florida

recently sent out a communication detailing that they were facing probable closure in 2021 unless there was a turnaround in their business.   

GNI has an ongoing arrangement with Vitambi Springs for a 3-4-2 discount (buy two nights, get the third night free) for current GNI members on Naturists at Vitambi Springs (N-VS) weekends. Please call the resort for full and updated details.

If you know of a resort that would like to promote itself via GNI, let us know!

GNI Mingle Movie Parties set to resume in January 2021

Our GNI Mingle movie parties were a big hit this past Autumn.

Keep your eyes peeled (and your bananas, too!) for the January 14 GNI Mingle, where Jon P shares clips and his love of Campy Movies. 

Then, starting on Friday, January 22 we’ll watch four Gay Camp movies together on YouTube while we connect on Zoom. 

Click here to sign up

VIDEO: 2021 Gathering Promo

 GNI has a new promo video for the 2021 Gathering

Watch it here:

VIDEO: World's Largest Naked Dance Club

Exclusively at the GNI Gathering, you'll find the nicest men, hottest music, and experience the most liberating feeling of dancing naked with hundreds of other men at our week long event every August. 

If you've dreamed of ever letting your inhibitions go, daring to try something new and exciting, or dancing naked in the world's largest naked dance club, join us at our next event!

Check out our new promo video below:

VIDEO: Pocono Eagle at GNI

GNI has a new promo video for the Pocono Eagle.

Check out the men of Pocono Eagle at GNI's annual Gathering. 

Daily fetish and kink workshops, onsite leather store and accessories by LeatherWerks (Fort Lauderdale), Mr. GNI Leather Contest, Leather Barracks and Dungeon ... all for discerning males. 

Visit our website for more information. 

New Website and Membership Directory Coming in 2021

After 18 years of using MemberClicks, GNI will be migrating away from using this service and signing on to a more dynamic, lower cost service. 

What does this mean for you as a member? 

All of your contact information will remain intact, but if you’ve been using the social community module in MemberClicks (posting on walls, sending internal messages to other members, sharing photos, etc) we won’t be able to carry that over to this new service. 

If you are an active member (that is, your membership has not yet expired) and want to save any information before we turn off the MemberClicks service, we encourage you to log in to your profile and save as much information before it’s no longer accessible. 

Our new directory provider will have a similar social community feature that will allow you to post on walls, share photos, send internal and instant messages to other members, etc. but will also change how you will set up your payment profile for paying your membership dues and Gathering registration fees. 

We’ll have lots more on this later when we finally finish the data migration and build the social community for you. 

We’re hoping to roll this out around February 1 but are working hard to expedite this for a mid-January release. Once this change is made, you’ll see other major features that we have been working on as well. We’ll be assigning new login credentials and have a new membership form, donations form, and Gathering registration form along with other surprises coming soon. 

Executive Director

BuffBuzz Blog Survery Results

Back in the fall, we sent out a survey asking your opinions about this blog, the blog.

GNI will using the results of this survey to craft our 2021 communication plan, and helping to optimize our social media going forward.  

Here are the survey results:

We had 204 responses, which we thought was a very good response rate!

Listed below are the the questions we asked and the top responses

1.  When do you visit the BuffBuzz blog?

47% = every time I get an email reminder

2.  The current publishing frequency is:

73% = as it currently is

3.  How would you rate the BuffBuzz blog?

49% = Good

16% = Excellent 

21% = No Opinion 

4.  What topics are you interested in?

25% = news about the Gathering

23% = GNI business / organizational news

23% = news about male social nudity (non-GNI)

15% = interviews with members 

14% = articles about GNI history

5.  Buff Buzz layout?

53% = Good

38% = Excellent 

6.  BuffBuzz photos?

48% = Good

42% = Excellent 

7.  BuffBuzz ease of reading?

47% = Good

43% = Excellent

8. BuffBuzz article length

53% = Good

38% = Excellent

Some Comments:

Potential Meet Ups for travel, trips and planning.

I have sent a few emails and you guys are great getting back to me in a timely and very personal manner... I have not attended The Gathering yet, but the more you guys talk to me... the more I get excited about cumming... I hope I have the courage to come this year!! Kisses!! Love you guys!!!

Is there any gay nudists places in southern Ca 

Where nudist places are.

I know we’re still getting BuffBuzz off the ground, but I’d enjoy a bit more content. Yes, I know that’s the hard part. So, good job so far. Let’s keep this going.

I know it’s a lot of work and it’s greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I thoroughly enjoy the group and the offerings. I get the impression the way the blog is set up and the site for GNI it was done several years ago. I don't know what your budget is, but you might want to have a professional look at the site and make recommendations for a revamp.

T hi s is the first time I am seeing this. I have not received any other communication on this group. I am very interested and want to participate more.

a wonderful blog

I just really wish to be part of the family and attend your gatherings

Hello, j'aimerais qu'un tel rassemblement existe en Europe avec un changement de pays chaque anne y compris en France ne pouvant pas aller au usa.

More pictures!!!

I just learned about GNI recently. I plan on to start participating and being more involved in the future especially after the COVID-19 is over.

Thanks it's inspirational seeing other men my age my very similar condition enjoying themselves.

Thanks for the interviews with others from around the country. Makes me think I am not alone with my feelings. I am sorry that my situation prevents me from attending a GNI in August. I would love it.

Keep up the good work

I apologize that I don’t check in often enough to read it. My experience is too limited to be of value to you.

I've never really looked at it... so can't really say either way. Thanks.

You know, I love being nekkid, I love sun and air on my body, but I am a near micro-penis guy growing more and more aware of how different I am. I have seen shots of similar guys, they might not label themselves thusly, but they're out there. I would love any "talk" about this in GNI or BuffBuzz.

More photos are always welcome.

 More videos would be nice

I would think under the isolation, you would have included questions about attendance to travel and camp in August

I look forward to getting the latest BuffBuzz edition.

It helps me feel connected during this time of isolation. Many of us are really alone.

didn't know there was a blog but I don't read blogs don't know what they are now buffbuzz I read when it is sent to me

I like it. It's difficult to please everyone and like most old people I miss the paper copy days of publications, but a blog actually is so much easier to produce and more timely. So I would not change anything.

It would be better, more interesting, and more pleasurable to read if it were presented in an online magazine format with pages that turn like a magazine. Magazine style communications are simply better, even if only a few pages.

I don't bother with the BuffBuzz blog. Were it to disappear, I probably wouldn't notice.

I'd like to see members be able to post their photos on the blog. Thank you.

good for maintaining GNI visibility among members

It seems clunky when I want to read an article. I wish it was just one document I could access like a magazine.

I can’t recall the last time I saw this publication. Stick to Facebook and Instagram. Would enjoy ride share section before the gathering to facilitate travel.

having a broad spectrum of topics, with more focus relating to the Gathering & events during the Gathering. So as to create more interest in going to Penn in Aug.

It almost seems irrelevant to keep posting the blog this summer. See you in 2021.

A regular schedule would be nice to have, even if posted less often.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020


We got together this past August to view 4 flicks featuring lives of Gay and Trans Men of Color, and in October we’ll be diving into 4 International Gay Movies. 

Dates and movies are below; they’re found on Netflix and other services....but if you’re outside the U.S., please look for them ahead of time. 

Visit this link on the GNI website to receive the Zoom link so that we can connect during the movie (while you watch the movie on your own.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Help Us with a Gathering Promo Video

Have you been to the GNI Gathering?

Are you planning to go August 20-29, 2021?

We want to interview you! 

If you are one of the five (5) chosen and complete your commitment to this video project, you will receive a free membership through August 31, 2021 *and* a complimentary Early Arrival Weekend attendance package (conditions apply).

Video Project #1: Gathering Promo Video

We are looking for a few men who have been to The Gathering before to volunteer to be in our video and answer some questions.

Questions like:

  • What is The Gathering really like?
  • Do you have a story about a good time at The Gathering?
  • What do you like to do at The Gathering?
  • Did you make new friends?
  • How many days did you go to The Gathering?
  • What is offered at The Gathering?
  • How is the value for the high price?
  • What is there to do at The Gathering?
  • Did you feel safe at The Gathering?
  • How is the atmosphere?
  • How was the entertainment?
  • How was the food?
  • Would you return next year?
  • Introductions – name, where you live, what do you do etc. (generic description) and any naked events or activities you participate in.
  • When did you first experiment with naturism? What did you do?
  • Favourite nudist places to go? (Record going to do something naked – hike, beach, party, etc.)
  • Are you a home nudist, situational, or recreational nudist? (Open ended “story telling”)
  • Planning for GNI – if you have been before tell us what to expect, if you have not been before ask questions about what you are curious about.
  • Film as you attend naked summer activities
  • Packing / getting ready for The Gathering

Video Project #2: Naked Men Mini Series

Over the next few months record yourself in documenting your experience as we build up to the next Gathering.

  • Introductions – name, where you live, what do you do etc. (generic description) and any naked events or activities you participate in.
  • When did you first experiment with naturism? What did you do?
  • Favourite nudist places to go? (Record going to do something naked – hike, beach, party, etc.)
  • Are you a home nudist, situational, or recreational nudist? (Open ended “story telling”)
  • Planning for GNI – if you have been before tell us what to expect, if you have not been before ask questions about what you are curious about.
  • Film as you attend naked summer activities
  • Packing / getting ready for The Gathering

What are we looking for?

We're looking for men who won't mind having their stories published by GNI in short video clips. Ideally, we'd like to have a diverse representation of men of all ages, ethnicities, and body types. Since we are trying to promote GNI to the next generation, younger men and men of color are definitely encouraged to volunteer! However, all interested candidates will be considered including first time attendees of GNI's annual signature event and regular attendees who may have been coming for years. Don't be shy; sign up!

Now for the finer print ... In order for us to have a successful video series, we are seeking men who will make a commitment to record themselves in a variety of situations over the course of the next year through July 2021. Our project manager, Shai, will assist you with the "theme" of each recording needed and he will provide you with the list of questions to answer or topics to be discussed. He will also provide some direction on the activities you might also want to capture on video. Shai will be your point-of-contact for all things video related; he's the producer and director of this series.

Your volunteer efforts will be rewarded with a complimentary membership through August 31, 2021 effective immediately upon your acceptance of a firm offer by GNI and if you complete all of the video segments throughout the year, GNI will award you with a free Early Arrival Weekend attendance package at our annual event in August 2021. Your package will include complimentary housing, food, beverages, activities, and linen rental (if needed). If you not be able to attend the weekend of August 20 - 23, 2021, and are able to attend another time of the week, a credit for the same amount can be applied to any other attendance option. If you wish to attend longer than the package offer, you are able to extend your stay by paying the difference of upgrading to the attendance dates of your choice. You will be able to work out the specifics of your arrangement with Rick, GNI's Executive Director.

If you lose interest in the project before its completion date, are unable to complete the project for any reason, or fail to provide usable video any time before July 2021, GNI's offer for the Early Arrival Weekend attendance package cannot be honored. Sorry, we are unable to award partial packages to those that do not complete their commitment to this project.

This should be fun and we want men to enjoy getting to know you over the year. We also want you to tell your story and to experience naturism with you as you live your naked life. We'd like to get started as soon as possible, but certainly before October 15, 2020. If you have any questions or need any more information, please feel free to reach out to Shai at or to Rick, Executive Director at

Thank you and we hope to see (all of) you on video!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

GNI's Anti-Racism Meetings

Just look at these lovely faces. These are a few of the dear, warm men who came together in August to look at how racism has affected their lives and what they wanted to do about that. If you’ve been following us through my blog posts or just hoping you could find a way to join us, now is the time. 

We’re starting again this October, and we want you! We want you however or wherever you are on this journey. We want all GNI men...Black, White, all men of color and internationalites.

Please follow the link below to read about what we wanted to share with you from the first sessions where GNI men worked on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Please follow this link to see how this work will be carried through into our next four sessions.