Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Let's Go To Australia

If you haven't heard GNI’s first international event will happen at the spectacular 4-star Turtle Cove Resort in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia February 21-28, 2019.

Turtle Cove is an exclusively gay, nude adult holiday resort located near Cairns on absolute private beach frontage, set amongst unspoiled rainforest overlooking the world famous Great Barrier Reef. It offers the best in privacy, discretion, peace, relaxation, and experience.

This isn't camping.
This is a luxury experience with beautifully appointed rooms, a pool and spa that never close, full bar and quality dining, gymnasium, health spa, library and games room. 

In addition to the naked thrill of a GNI gathering in Australia, there are some fun activities and special events planned. You can dive or snorkel on the adjacent Great Barrier Reef, go sailing at Port Douglas or tour the Daintree Rainforest.
There is also an opportunity to fly down to Sydney for the 2019 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade – the world’s biggest. Grandstand seating has been secured as well as a kayak trip with Tony Carr on one of Sydney’s beautiful waterways, with a clothing optional Aussie barbecue celebration to follow at Tony's place. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience Australia’s extraordinary sights, wildlife, and vibrant gay culture. And with Tony Carr's local boots on the ground (and everything else), it should be a smooth sailing adventure.

By the way, airfares to Australia have dropped dramatically and the US dollar is very strong against the Australian dollar.
So check out the details on our website at: https://gaynaturists.org/australia/
For registrations, trip itinerary, and rooming details, 
contact Rick Johnson - gni@gaynaturists.org.

For information on Turtle Cove, the Mardi Gras, Tony’s kayaking day and clothing optional barbecue or just to say hi, 
contact Tony Carr - tonycarr@ozemail.com.au

We hope you can join us.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hashtag Your Way Through Naked Camp


As camp approaches, we want to see your posts about getting ready for, arriving at, and your festivities at camp. Obviously you MUST keep them PG, but why not share the fun with the social media universe? Use the following hashtags on your posts about GNI to join the conversation!
- #GNI
- #GNI2018
- #TheGathering2018

And here are some secondary hashtag ideas as well!
- #MrBareBear
- #MrGNI
- #MissLace
- #PoconoEagle
- #Nudism
- #GayNudism
- #NakedCamp

See you at camp! Less than a week!

Naked Camp Checklist of Things to Consider Bringing


We suggest that you may want to bring the following items to camp. This list is not all-inclusive and should be used as a suggestion, only. Please feel free to bring what you think you may need or may want to use.


If you would like to ship your items to camp before The Gathering begins, you will find the exact address on the Driving Directions page found in your Confirmation Documents.


 Antiseptic
 Athletic Equipment, Tennis Racquet, Volleyball
 Band-Aids
 Beach Towel(s)
 Bedding: Pillow, Blanket, Sheets (for single-size bed)*, Sleeping Bag
 Cabin Decorations / lights
 Clock / Watch
 Condoms & Lube, Personal Sexual Protection
 Costumes for Social Hour Theme Parties
 Drums, if desired, for Campfire Drumming
 Earplugs
 Country’s flag (for International members)
 Flashlight
 Hat
 Item to donate to the NAC Silent Auction
 Insect Spray
 Musical Instrument, if desired
 Personal Medical Supplies (OTC's)
 Poison Ivy medication
 Prescription(s)
 Roller blades
 Soap / shampoo
 Shoes
 Shower Shoes
 Socks
 Snacks
 Sunglasses
 Suntan Lotion, Sun Block
 Talent Show Music & Props
 Towels / Washcloths*
 Tylenol / Aspirin, as appropriate for you
 Tweezers (for splinters)
 Umbrella
 Vaccinations (Hepatitis A / B - tetanus)
* A linen rental package is available for $48.00/set which includes a pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket, three towels and two washcloths. We do not have tents and RV's to rent.

How to Bookmark and Access GNI Online Schedule

A simple HOW-TO guide for accessing the GNI Gathering online schedule app/site.








Wednesday, July 18, 2018

30 Days and Counting

Letter from the Editor

As August 17 approaches on my seventh year attending The Gathering, I’m vividly remembering my first in 2010. I was kinda scared to death and yet crazy excited. I knew all of two people going to The Gathering - one was my dear friend, Rick, our Executive Director, and the second was a man I met at nudist pool parties in Atlanta. That was it. Out of 500+ men, I knew two.

What ensued for me upon arrival was nothing short of life altering. The men I met every day were incredibly kind. Completely non-judgmental. Many many returning GNI members took me under their wing to ensure I was enjoying the experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a volunteer where I ensured we had popcorn popped for the dining hall after the performances. It was a glorious time to be working the popcorn machine (back when we were able to pop fresh popcorn) and soooo many men would stop by to say hello.

The night the disco opened, my cabin-mates and I walked down together to see it. One of my cabin-mates, Ian, nudged me to get on one of the pedestals to dance. I protested, “I don’t know how to dance.” and “Everyone will be watching me.” He encouraged me further by saying, "You will dance up there before this week is out." I don’t have words for how it felt to get up there finally and dance my heart out - free of judgment, full of freedom - amongst the men who just wanted to be themselves.

To bring my journey down memory lane to a close - walk peacefully under the stars at night, hang out by the campfire, go to the disco and dance your heart out, discover the freedom to be yourself…all of this is possible and so much more.

If you’re on the fence about going, take the leap. Listen to your intuition; your body and soul need this experience.  I'm also thrilled to mention that I met my fiance at that first Gathering. We're getting married in Oct. So...ya never know who you'll meet!!

This One Time at Summer Camp...

Camp is 30 days away.

You've checked out the schedule for the social hours, you've heard about yoga, the Pocono Eagle, Mr. GNI, Mr. Bare Bear, Miss Lace, Body Electric, and all the other events at camp...

With so many options for activities to participate in, it might get a bit overwhelming. Here at BuffBuzz, we are here to help! Take a glance at some of the images from years past and see if it's something you're interested in! Make The Gathering the best Summer Camp experience of your life!

Letter from the Assistant Editor...

I'm Chris G. I grew up a dancer. A dancer whose shape and size were not typical. A dancer who was told numerous times he would never succeed or be successful in the dance community because of his weight, yet here I am teaching dance and performing to this day...

It's odd. I'm not only looking forward to The Gathering for the regattas, contests, parties or anything of the sort. I'm looking forward to the introspection that will occur by stripping away that which protects me from the mirrors, clean windows and metallic car doors that show my truest reflection. I've struggled to understand why I couldn't just love my body. And while that question may not be answered 100% at camp, I know that this experience will be one that will allow for that self reflection and self love. Maybe fully, maybe not...but this is more than just a summer camp. It provides for the community a safe space where you come as you are and leave a more humbled version of yourself.

Love your body. Love yourself. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Because in the end, we are all struggling for that one basic need we all share in common: the need and want for love.

I cannot wait to meet as many of you as humanly possible at camp. If you see me, say hi!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Happy Naked Pride!

Photo Courtesy of History.com

In June of 1969, the Stonewall riots in New York launched a powerful worldwide movement establishing June as the official month of Pride but its significance and meaning to the LGBTQIA community has since broadened dramatically. Pride month conjures up images of go-go boys dancing in speedos as floats slowly sail past the throngs of allies and supporters lining city streets for miles on end; drag queens decked in full regalia wearing dresses, eyelashes, high heels, wigs, and feather boas dancing to the tunes of old-school disco; bare chested leather men in harnesses and bare-butt chaps marching in step with their boys, masters, pups, and daddies; and average “guys next door” types with nondescript “dad bods” living a quiet life proudly walking hand-in-hand with their husbands celebrating their marriage that was once forbidden and illegal.

Pride is a microcosm of a much larger and diverse community. But where do naturists fit in? In many festivals, nudity is frowned upon and often enforced with strict anti-nudity legislation. With the exception of a couple of annual events, naturists are not readily accepted into mainstream Pride events. Naturist materials at Pride events are often censored or stored out of public view citing “decency” clauses. The perception that nudity equates to sex is overwhelming in public opinion; naturists are called upon to educate the public - oftentimes mostly of our own community’s gay and bisexual men - in terms that we represent every aspect of society. We *are* like everyone else looking for love and companionship, but we enjoy social and recreational nude activities with other men by proudly participating in local, regional, and national nudist communities, identifying as a “home nudist,” or finding the simple satisfaction of quiet time on nude beaches alone or with friends.

Nudist Pride is about owning who we are. Nudist Pride is about celebrating our diversity as gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men. Naturists embrace the differences of our various body types, our shapes, and our penis lengths because for naturists, those things are trivial and non-issues. We engage in a much different - dare I say deeper? - level when clothes are cast aside leaving nothing behind but heart-to-heart sharing with each other. Our hearts are touched; our lives are changed; the healing of our self esteems begin; we thrive. We may not be able to dance naked on a float during Pride month in public, but we can rest assured knowing that we belong to a dynamic, growing, visible, and exciting naked community. Celebrate. Be proud. Get naked. Live. Happy Pride!

A Letter from Miss Lace 2017, Iona Mink

GNI Miss Lace 2017, Iona Mink (Photo credit Brian Becnel)

Dear GNI Campers,

I am Iona Mink, your reigning GNI Miss Lace 2017 and I thought I would sit down and tell you all a bit about where Iona came from and what I have been doing since being crowned. Since being crowned Miss Lace I have been very busy promoting GNI whenever I can. I have attended RuPaul’s Drag Con and Bette Midler’s Annual Hulaween Extravaganza.

Attending GNI Gathering is the high point of my year. I look forward to it and start counting days to the next year the day I get back. There is a sense of camaraderie and friendship that is so welcoming. You can do as much as you want or nothing at all and both are good. The first year I attended The Gathering I had just turned 50 and if someone would have told me that I would be dancing buck naked on the center go-go platform in the dance club I would have told them they were crazy!!! Well... that was exactly what happened.

There are several contests and events that you can participate in. There is something for everyone. The contest that spoke to me was Miss Lace. Being a former dancer I was in several productions of La Cage Aux Folles so the Miss Lace Pageant was right up my alley. The first year I competed for the crown it had been 25 years since I was onstage in front of an audience. Nerves were very high but I felt so safe and supported from the other queens and the audience welcomed and cheered me on. It was a moment that I will never forget! It took 3 other times before I took the home the crown. Each time I felt the same love and support.

If there is a queen inside waiting to strut her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent I say strap on those heels and shashay the runway! Unlike some of the other contests, there is more preparation needed for Miss Lace. You have to pack wigs/dresses/makeup/heels. There is a talent portion to the pageant, which could be anything from lipsyncing to singing live, from doing a dramatic reading to tap dancing.

I love my other title brothers and we always have a good time when we get together.

I look forward to welcoming a new queen to the Miss Lace family. But fear not, Iona Mink is not going anywhere. Who knows you may just see Iona Mink on RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

World Naked Gardening Day 2018

Submissions from our readers for World Naked Gardening Day 2018. As much as we asked, our outside-USA nudist brothers are missing from our WORLD celebration of naked gardening.

Brooks from north Georgia, USA

Bryan from Kansas, USA

Davey from Pennsylvania, USA

Jason from Atlanta, USA

Jason from Atlanta, USA

Jay from Atlanta, USA

Jay from Atlanta, USA
Gerry from Michigan, USA
Roger from NY, USA
Hugh from Vermont, USA

Mickey from Pennsylvania, USA

1/2 Week GNI Raffle with Mr. GNI Leather 2017

A message from Mr. GNI Leather 2017:

Brian Ballone, Mr. GNI Leather 2017 (Photo Credit: Brian Becnel)
I am eager to announce that raffle tickets to win one of 3 half week prizes are still available. 
The drawing will be in early June, so hurry now!

You might be my invited guests at The Gathering: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 through Sunday, August 26, 2018. 

That’s right… enjoy half a naked week with me and over 500 men at GNI’s The Gathering, in northeastern Pennsylvania, to vacation, play, and help choose Mr. GNI Leather 2018 and most importantly enjoy my step down speech! You could even become Mr. GNI Leather 2018. 
 • No cash value for the invited guest if they do not attend. 
• Transportation to The Gathering is the responsibility of the invited guest. 
• All rules of GNI apply including this is a naked event. Clothing is not an option. 
• Invited guest must be 21 years old at the time of arrival. 
• Adding first half week and/or early arrival is the responsibility of the invited guest. 
• Add-ons are the responsibility of the invited guest. (E.g. linen rental, GNI membership if not already a member) 

Tickets are $20 each (plus $3 shipping) and you get my "Duck It No Pants" Donald Duck pin as a thank you. 

PayPal to princealbert25@hotmail.com or email me for the address to mail a check.

I look forward to seeing you…ALL of you…at The Gathering!

Brian J Ballone 
Mr. GNI Leather 2017

Monday, May 14, 2018

GNI Board 2018 Elections Results

The results of the 2018 GNI Board of Directors' Election is in! We had three (3) very qualified candidates running for two (2) positions. We would like to thank the three candidates for running as well as everyone who voted in this year's election. Over 20% of our members cast their ballot this year.

And the winners are ...

M. Danny Allman joins the board for the first time and Nick Roessler returns to serve a second term.

Here's a little more information about Danny and Nick: 

Ever since I attended my first NakedFest in 2014, I knew I had found a group where I belonged.  Since then, I have attended a GNI-sponsored event each year. There is a sort of magical camaraderie that exists between everyone at camp. The only word I can use to describe what causes the enchantment is: “nothing.” Having nothing separating us from each other removes the veil of elusiveness and awkwardness that surrounds everyone in the real world. Because of this magic we share at the Gathering, I am running for a seat on the 2018 GNI board.

I kicked off my social nude roots by attending a Party Naked Pittsburgh event right after I graduated college. Since that time, I have become a regular camper at Roseland Resort in West Virginia and finally went to a few clothing-optional beaches on Maui and Florida.

Between check-in, tours of camp for newbies, or working Bingo nights, I always volunteer in some capacity each Gathering. Between events, I have distributed GNI pamphlets around my current city of Baltimore and advertised GNI on my TrueNudists profile to promote our mission. I love being a part of this inclusive group of men and I want to do my part in keeping GNI alive!

I have been a member since 2006. I was 23 when I attended my first Gathering; I drove alone from Michigan, arrived without knowing anyone, and made some of the most significant friendships of my life all within 48 hours of being there. This kicked off the next 12 years of volunteering at camp; working in almost everything from the auditorium, to being Rick Johnson's assistant, working in the dance club, and serving on the board. During this time I have also been honored with the Murray Kaufman Natural Man Award for my activism in the naturist community, and I also have been honored with the title of Mr. GNI 2013. These experiences have taught me a great deal about how The Gathering is created and what makes camp so special to all of us, which is why I ran for a board position again. 

Congratulations, Danny and Nick!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Get Naked All Over - Australia Naked Beach

Get Naked All Over - Australia Naked Beach 

Listen to waves lap on the beach just steps away from your beachside room. Sip tropical drinks with brightly colored umbrellas delivered to you at a moment's notice. Feel the heat while soaking in a bubbling hot tub. Savor the flavors and scents of fantastic meals shared with good friends and loved ones. Touch the stars on a beachside bonfire. Imagine 7 full days of luxury paradise on a private naked beach. 

You can do all of this ... and more ... February 21 - 28, 2019.

In GNI's first international event, we are heading from the Pocono mountains to tropical Australia - to Turtle Cove Resort near Cairns in north Queensland - for one week of private naked programming.

Turtle Cove, Australia's only LGBTI clothing-optional resort, offers four classes of rooms for the conscientious traveler - Garden view, Absolute Beachfront Suites, Coral Sea View, and Coral Sea View King Deluxe; rooms are double and triple occupancy, and will be reserved on a first-come basis; a continental breakfast is included. Lunches and dinners can purchased with an optional meal plan through GNI or guests may pay-as-they go charging meals and beverages to their room. Some beverages are included in the meal plan and additional guests can be accommodated.

Throughout the week, sign up for one of the numerous local excursions Queensland has to offer - snorkel the Great Barrier reef, hike in the Daintree Rainforest - the world's oldest rainforest, soar above the tropical forest canopy in a treetop skytram, or sit poolside with a good book, nap under the palms, or socialize with friends over cocktails. We'll work with the locals to offer some additional naked opportunities around the area for those that want to explore and see what Australia has to offer.

GNI is also planning beachside BBQ's and bonfires, dancing, buffets, and entertainment throughout the week. Once the week has ended, sign up to join us for an optional excursion for Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney before heading home or exploring other parts of the region. 

Take a few minutes and peruse the information for GNI's inaugural international event at Australia for more information before you sign up. 

Registration for GNI Australia is OPEN! Unlike registering for The Gathering, registering for Australia will be a bit different. The GNI Business Office will personally handle all of your reservations (other than travel to/from Australia), verify all of your accommodations and resort details, and guide you through the planning process. There are two ways to get started - you can print your reservation signup form here or submit your reservation signup form online. Once you've submitted your information, the GNI Business Office will contact you to discuss every aspect of your holiday in detail. Once we've confirmed everything with you, GNI will set up a personalized installment payment program for you.

There is just way too much information to include in an article so we would like to refer you to the GNI website or visit Turtle Cove's website and see for yourself what an amazing resort this is. Booking this week can *only* be made through GNI; if you contact Turtle Cove directly, they will refer you back to us. Of course, if you have any questions, you're welcome to contact the GNI Business Office anytime. 

This is a high-end travel experience comparable to other gay-related travel opportunities and destinations hosted by other gay travel providers. If you're looking for something much different from the rustic charm of the Poconos, consider joining us for GNI Australia where we will be sure that "naked" is not just an option but the norm. 

See you on the private naked beach.

And if you can't join us for GNI Australia, plan to join us for the GNI Gathering in the Pocono mountains - August 16 - 25, 2019! (GNI Australia is an event in addition to our regular annual Gathering.)

Q&A With GNI's Mr. Bare Bear 2017

Ron Burrage, GNI's Mr. Bare Bear 2017, shares some thoughts via a Q&A with the GNI BuffBuzz team. 

Where do you live currently and are you involved with any nudist or bear groups in your hometown?

I’ve recently relocated to New York City from Harrisburg, PA and am beyond excited to be in a place where there are more bears in the city than in the zoo! Both Miss Lace and Mr. GNI Leather are now my neighbors and looking forward to exploring the city together and getting more involved. We have our first “date night” on Monday! I’ll be sure to send pictures!

Was this past year your first time at camp?

Officially, yes. I had participated in the Body Electric workshop the year before and made it to the opening night of the GNI disco but did not stay for the week. The disco, and Pete from Cabin I-2 were actually what convinced me to spend the full week at camp.

Can you recall the drive up to camp and what was going through your head the first time you came to The Gathering?

My husband and I live in different states and we were meeting at The Gathering for our summer vacation. He had arrived earlier for Body Electric, so I was a little anxious to see him and wondered what our cabin mates would be like. 

Were there any activities at camp that made the experience that much more enjoyable for you?

It goes without saying, the disco is pretty amazing. I couldn’t wait to get there every night. I also participated in body painting and spent lots of time at the pool. And of course, once I decided to enter the Mr. Bare Bear competition, there were lots of events and activities that kept me busy. Most of all, I really enjoyed getting to meet people from all around the world, share stories, beers and the dance floor! 

Who did you live with for the week? Did you know them prior to your arrival at camp?

I met most of my cabin mates the day I arrived. We had chatted a bit on Facebook in advance to help with planning/coordinating, but with the exception of my husband, I met everyone the day I arrived.  

What was it like competing for Mr. Bare Bear?

OMG. So much fun. Mr. Bare Bear 2016 told me I should enter the competition and I thought it was a good way to break the ice with people I didn’t know. While the challenges were really fun, my favorite part was collecting “point cards” as it gave me a chance to literally approach every man at camp. I was really surprised at how open everyone was to conversation – bear, otter, daddy, etc., - it really didn’t matter. Many of the people I’ve stayed in contact with are people I wouldn’t have felt comfortable approaching in a bar. The Bare Bear contest and The Gathering really broke down any insecurities I may have had about myself or assumptions I may have made about others.

Do you have any philanthropies, causes or movements that are close to your heart that you want to use your title to bring light to?

I am a member of the HRC Founder Club and have held board positions on Equality Pennsylvania as well as local community theatres. While it’s not easy to directly connect those to GNI, the value of inclusivity and helping those who don’t have the means to have a voice be heard. 

If not, what do you think are the responsibilities of someone with a title such as yours during their “title year”?

I think the most important thing any title member can do is spread the word about GNI. But, I also think that is the responsibility of anyone who has attended The Gathering in the past. This community is so special and we’re only going to be able to keep it going and flourishing through our commitment to share the love. I’d also love to talk to anyone who might be considering The Gathering but needs an extra push or dose of confidence to make it happen. (**Editor's Note: If interested in connecting with Ron, please send email here.)

What advice would you give to someone who has never been to The Gathering before but wants to come?

Go. There’s nothing like it. There is such a diverse group of men and activities at The Gathering. Truly something for someone for everyone. 

What is the reason that you have been to camp, you keep coming back, or encourage other people to attend?

My first trip was for Body Electric, which opened the door to the world of GNI and The Gathering. I had so much fun and met so many interesting people in just one night that I really wanted to come back to experience the full event and I don’t regret it. I’ll keep coming back for the people and camaraderie.  

Any words of encouragement for any guys out there who may be hesitant to attend a nudist event because of confidence, body image or self esteem issues?

As a bear who has been on a diet since the third grade, I have always wanted to be thinner, fitter, taller, etc. None of that matters at The Gathering. Truly. I also loved meeting men without any of the status elements that come into play in the real world. Everyone enters on a level playing field. And by the time your bags are to your room or tent, you forget you’re not wearing any clothes. 

I hope to meet you at the next Gathering.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Drag Queen Story Time: Meet Our Resident Queens!

Iona Mink (aka Rodd Sovar), GNI Miss Lace 2017
(Photo credit Brian Becnel)
 What is your name? Drag and otherwise?
1. Lucy Morals

2. Roux Bricque

3. Scrumptious

4. Justine Trouble

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka

6. Miss Anne Thrope, Dennis Birchall

Lucy Morals (aka Tim Gallagher), Miss Lace 2016
(Photo Credit Brian Becnel)
Welcome ladies! Do you mind sharing how long you have been doing drag?
1. Lucy: Off and on 10 plus years

2. Roux BricqueOn and off for about 25 years

3. Scrumptious: 6 years

4. Justine Trouble: A few years

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: Other than Halloween, Started at camp 2 yrs ago

6. I don't. I only did it to be part of the event.

Do you perform at any of your local bars, venues or clubs? Or do you only do drag for GNI?

1. Lucy: Have done some for gay chorus. This year, just GNI.

2. Roux Bricque I only do drag in my living room

3. Scrumptious: Only GNI

4. Justine Trouble: Justine primarily lives at GNI. Only on rare occasions does she escape camp. GNI is her home.

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: Only GNI

6. Miss Anne Thrope: Did drag at GNI. She's sealed away in a box in the top of the closet.

What made you start to perform in drag?

Justine Trouble (aka Brian Ballone),
GNI Miss Lace Contest 2016
(Photo Credit Brian Becnel)
1. Lucy: I enjoy the performance opportunity and the swish of a dress!

2. Roux BricqueI was in a production of La Cage au Folles and LOVED it!

3. Scrumptious: Viv! got me drunk and put a beehive on me.

4. Justine Trouble: As a tribute to Stormy Weathers. Justine is Stormy’s biggest VIP fan. 
P.S. Stormy if you’re reading this please don’t renew the restraining order.

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: Looked like fun...chance to perform.

6. Miss Anne Thrope: I was getting back to performing. In 2000, I did a song in the talent show. I figured I could put together another number for Miss Lace. I didn't realize that there wasn't a talent portion. But, all the contestants thought it was a great idea and we pulled together a fun show. It became very popular.

With the great success of RuPaul’s Drag Race over the years, what pros and cons do you see with drag becoming more mainstream and assimilating itself into mainstream pop culture if any?
Trixie May (r) hosts while Pickles takes the mic and Tourette
(aka Nick Roessler) stands by in awe,
Miss Lace Show 2016
(Photo credit Brian Becnel)

1. Lucy: Love that we are seeing more blurred lines of gender identity. More of my straight clients are thrilled to find out I perform and are big followers of the RuPaul show.

2. Roux Bricque There are no cons. Everyone loves a drag queen....don't they

3. Scrumptious: Sorry I'm usually drunk by the time that show is on... have never seen it ??

4. Justine Trouble: It’s going to be more difficult to find the perfect off the rack dress at Good Will though Justine’s primary resource for her wardrobe is eBay. However, bring on the newbies - what queen doesn’t love a new princess to climb over on her way to the top?

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: It is less of a statement...more art. Also with RPDR it ups the ante for performers. People are expecting that level of talent.

6. Miss Anne Thrope: Doesn't interest me personally but, I'm always happy to see the norms challenged and opportunities open up.

A lot of queens now are traveling and performing their own shows after their stint on Drag Race. If you had your own show or book what would it be called and why?

1. Lucy: Stopping the runway. To give more amateurs a chance to perform

2. Roux Bricque Spit out that gum!

3. Scrumptious: I'd have to think about it... a combination of Karen Walker, Patsy Stone and a “Far Side” character

4. Justine Trouble: The Incontinence Tour because once Justine is going...it flows right out.

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: Embracing Your Sass...because often the journey to drag is like mine...a journey of self-discovery/self acceptance.

6. Miss Anne Thrope: Not even a thought really!

Finally, now that we have gotten to know you a little bit more, can you talk to us about camp? Tell us about the drag community at camp if there is one! What makes it special for you? What makes you keep coming back?

Scrumptious (aka Jim Jacobs) hosts Viv's Salsa Party 2017
(Photo credit Brian Becnel)

1. Lucy: Love the support at camp. Giving everyone a chance to try new things in a non-judgmental environment. This year will be about 24 years attending. I have been crowned Mr GNI and Miss Lace. When I see friends there each year it is like we just saw each other yesterday. The camp is a great facility too. Love this place and bringing new people to check it out and drop their inhibitions.

2. Roux Bricque: I've never actually been to GNI. I hope to get there someday though!

3. Scrumptious: GNI is the only place where I can wear my Walgreen sundresses and drink cocktails out of my purse! I also enjoy the cute men too. Oh and the scrambled eggs are out of this world! Yum yum!

4. Justine Trouble: It’s hard to say that Justine keeps coming back because Justine just doesn’t leave the camp. It’s more like you guys keep coming back to me. Justine is just so misunderstood outside the confines of camp where it’s easy to “let it flow, let it flow. Don’t hold it back anymore”. Justine just knows that she can be herself and say “I don’t care what your going to say” and then just do it! Plus Justine is proud to make her home with the hot leather men of the Pocono Eagle in the Leather Barracks. They respect her true color...yellow!

5. Matt ‘Sassy’ Slomka: Camp is a playground...try something new on and if it feels right. Go with it. You will never find a more supportive place to discover yourself.

6. Miss Anne Thrope: I don't think there is a “Drag Community” at the Gathering. It's an event for people to participate in. I go to The Gathering to see friends!
GNI's beloved, Miss Hazel, GNI Miss Lace 2012, appearing at Miss Lace 2016
(Photo credit Brian Becnel)