Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hashtag Your Way Through Naked Camp


As camp approaches, we want to see your posts about getting ready for, arriving at, and your festivities at camp. Obviously you MUST keep them PG, but why not share the fun with the social media universe? Use the following hashtags on your posts about GNI to join the conversation!
- #GNI
- #GNI2018
- #TheGathering2018

And here are some secondary hashtag ideas as well!
- #MrBareBear
- #MrGNI
- #MissLace
- #PoconoEagle
- #Nudism
- #GayNudism
- #NakedCamp

See you at camp! Less than a week!

Naked Camp Checklist of Things to Consider Bringing


We suggest that you may want to bring the following items to camp. This list is not all-inclusive and should be used as a suggestion, only. Please feel free to bring what you think you may need or may want to use.


If you would like to ship your items to camp before The Gathering begins, you will find the exact address on the Driving Directions page found in your Confirmation Documents.


 Antiseptic
 Athletic Equipment, Tennis Racquet, Volleyball
 Band-Aids
 Beach Towel(s)
 Bedding: Pillow, Blanket, Sheets (for single-size bed)*, Sleeping Bag
 Cabin Decorations / lights
 Clock / Watch
 Condoms & Lube, Personal Sexual Protection
 Costumes for Social Hour Theme Parties
 Drums, if desired, for Campfire Drumming
 Earplugs
 Country’s flag (for International members)
 Flashlight
 Hat
 Item to donate to the NAC Silent Auction
 Insect Spray
 Musical Instrument, if desired
 Personal Medical Supplies (OTC's)
 Poison Ivy medication
 Prescription(s)
 Roller blades
 Soap / shampoo
 Shoes
 Shower Shoes
 Socks
 Snacks
 Sunglasses
 Suntan Lotion, Sun Block
 Talent Show Music & Props
 Towels / Washcloths*
 Tylenol / Aspirin, as appropriate for you
 Tweezers (for splinters)
 Umbrella
 Vaccinations (Hepatitis A / B - tetanus)
* A linen rental package is available for $48.00/set which includes a pillow, pillowcase, flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket, three towels and two washcloths. We do not have tents and RV's to rent.

How to Bookmark and Access GNI Online Schedule

A simple HOW-TO guide for accessing the GNI Gathering online schedule app/site.