Thursday, July 13, 2017

We're Hiring: Marketing Director Wanted

Marketing Director Wanted

GNI is hiring! We’re searching for a proven Marketing Director who will assume the marketing responsibilities of the organization and direct the outreach to new markets and varied demographics through social media, web sites, media relations, video and advertising. This is a paid position and a great opportunity for a free-lancer or independent contractor. We’ve put together a comprehensive job description for anyone that is interested. If you or someone you know is interested in working for GNI, please send an email to the Executive Director at to find out more. Feel free to spread the word and let you friends / contacts know.

Are you The Gathering's next Mr. GNI Leather?

Here is your opportunity to become Mr. GNI Leather 2017:

Ralph Bruneau, Mr. GNI Leather 2016
(Photo Credit: Brian Becnel)
If you love to wear leather, play in leather, take leather off, play nude, live nude, join us; if you are interested in pushing the limits of your body acceptance and freedom in your leather play, join us. Be a contestant for the title of Mr. GNI Leather 2017. Go to IML and maybe become IML 2018. It can happen. It just did a month ago.

Contestants are required to attend the full week at the GNI Gathering (August 20-27) in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. Admission to The Gathering includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), beverages (water, soft drinks, beer, some mixed drinks, and wine), accommodations, use of camp facilities (basketball/tennis/volleyball courts, weight room, canoes, paddle boats, etc.), admission to all evening activities and more.

There is a LeatherWerks store on site and they will be holding free workshops all week in rope bondage, flogging, sounding, fisting, saline injection, toys, etc. There will be a dungeon onsite and leather play events.

The Mr. GNI Leather Contest will start on Tuesday, August 22 with a contestant / judges meet and greet. Interviews will occur on Wednesday, August 23. The contest also includes two leather challenges, one on Wednesday afternoon and the other Thursday afternoon. All contestants will tend bar for the social hour on Thursday after the second challenge. Every member of the camp is given a ballot at check-in to give to the contestant of their choice. Interviews, judges' impression of the contestant's participation in GNI activities at The Gathering, challenges, and GNI member votes will be given to the tally masters to determine the winner. Ralph Bruneau's (Mr. GNI Leather 2016) step aside and the announcement of Mr. GNI Leather 2017 will be on Thursday evening (August 24) during the intermission of the Mr. GNI Contest.

Prize packages are listed at on The Gathering's official schedule mobile app at

What is not posted is that Mr. GNI Leather 2017 will receive airfare to Chicago, up to $400 for IML 2018, entrance fee and hotel up to $1,000. CLAW run pass is included as well.

Potential contestants can go to the Gay Naturists International page or contact Ralph Bruneau or Dan Marrs with any questions. 

What are you waiting for? Grab your boots, harness and gauntlets. Nothing else needed.

Construction, Renovations, and Upgrades … Oh My

Construction, Renovations, and Upgrades … Oh My!

In preparation for our 2017 annual Gathering, I was in Pennsylvania in mid-June for a week and had the opportunity to visit the camp for an afternoon. And let me tell you, the camp is not sparing any expense on the new construction, renovations, and upgrades they are making to the facilities! Let’s start with the cabins.

At the time of my visit, six cabins have been totally renovated; I mean, from top to bottom. Those six cabins have brand new interiors including new knotty-pine interior siding; the rafters have been removed and the ceiling has also been finished in knotty pine. You’ll also find brand new bathrooms in these cabins – new toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and even new electrical outlets at each bed. In addition, the old windows have been replaced with double pane, tinted windows that actually close tight! And finally, those cabins have real doors. Real doors! And a ceiling fan!!

The next huge renovation that you’ll immediately see if you’ve been to The Gathering is that both dining halls have also been redone with knotty pine siding and new light fixtures over the serving line! This changes the ambiance of the dining halls completely. Remember the two bathrooms right outside the doors on the back side of both dining halls? Yup, they’ve been totally refurbished, too, with new fixtures, lights, and knotty pine siding. But it doesn’t stop there.

Remember the two sets of mobile port-o-potties that were parked behind the left dining hall? Well, they’re gone. In their place is a whole new building structure consisting of eight (8) brand new restrooms, also done in knotty pine. In fact, there is so much knotty pine installed, I was told that over 100,000 linear feet of wood was purchased and installed over the winter months since December!

But we’re not done. Make your way into the auditorium and you’ll find a brand new, huge, exhaust ceiling fan in the middle of the seating section. Don’t worry; I already checked it out to see how loud it was and it’s super quiet. We test drove the fan and turned it on low and you could barely hear a hum. As soon as the fan got up to speed, a nice breeze was wafting through the screened windows. On those hot, swelter-y Pocono evenings when we’re all sitting in the auditorium, we’ll experience the cooling effects of the badly needed major improvement. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in addition to the six cabins that have been totally renovated, an additional nine (9) cabins have had significant partial renovations to the back wall (also done in knotty pine) and brand new bathrooms with knotty pine siding, toilets, sinks, showers, faucets, etc. Those cabins are slated for completion by next year with additional cabins being chosen for renovations next year.

Finally, you’ll see two new buildings near the main camp office – right across the way from the main office by the left dining hall and right outside of the GNI Business Office. One building will be used for storage while the other has multipurpose uses. While the exteriors have been done on both of these two buildings, the interiors still have yet to be completed, but you’ll see noticeable changes when you arrive. Now I’m sure you’re wondering exactly which cabins have been renovated and if any of them are yours. You’ll have to see when you get to camp … if you haven’t signed up to join us for this years’ Gathering, do so! Registration is ongoing through 10:00 am on WednesdayAugust 23 but you’ll have to sign up prior to that time for the attendance option of your choice. You may be one of the attendees who’s assigned to these renovated cabins!

Curious about Leather Community at The Gathering?

How to Get Involved at The Gathering - Sponsor a Special Interest Group (SIG):

GNI members have many different interests in addition to being a naturist. GNI is the host of activities that focus on the entire Gathering such as the social hour, dance club, and entertainment in the auditorium. In addition, there are many different activities which are sponsored and funded by cabins or special interest groups.

GNI's official schedule will offer other naked activities to attend during the time when SIG parties are scheduled. Each of us can self-select what we want to do with our time. No one is required to participate in everything, or anything, for that matter. Some special interest group activities attract 5 to 10 people and others attract 100 or more. GNI's goal is to encourage groups to offer activities of interest to a segment of the men attending The Gathering. If the activity is of interest to all, then everyone is welcome. Choose what you want to do and skip the things that don't interest you. 

It's what makes The Gathering fun.

Stormy Weather Variety Show - 15 Years

Stormy Weather made her first appearance on the GNI stage in 1999 when she performed in what was then known as the Tuesday Night Talent Show. She returned in 2000 to compete for Miss GNI Lace - and although her first bid for the crown was unsuccessful (she would go on to win the next year), she was clearly starting to connect with the men of GNI.

In 2001, that connection earned her a spot as a celebrity panelist on GNI's version of Match Game and, to borrow the familiar phrase, a star was born! Before leaving the Gathering that year, Match Game producer John Positano approached Stormy about headlining a show at the 2002 Gathering.

The Tuesday Night Talent Show was renamed and Stormy was back where it all started when The Stormy Weather Variety Show premiered on Tuesday, August 20, 2002.

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of the show and after a first-year assist from John, Stormy has served as not only the show's host, but also its producer and director. Of course, the show wouldn't succeed without the combined efforts of stage manager Colin Godwin, sound engineer Preston Birchner, a hardworking crew, and most importantly, the countless men of GNI who have contributed to the show by sharing their talents year after year. 

The 15th Anniversary Stormy Weather Variety Show will take place at the 2017 Gathering on Tuesday, August 22. Stormy is looking forward to continuing the tradition of introducing new talent to the stage and hoping for the opportunity to welcome back audience favorites from the past.

There will be more specifics published in the daily schedule at the Gathering, but if you'd like to be in the show, you will need to attend an audition on Monday morning and, if you are cast in the show, a rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon. Auditions will be held in the order in which you sign up. You will be able to sign up upon arrival at the Gathering, but if you'd like to get a head start, you can sign up in advance by clicking here.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Pocono Eagle SIG

The Pocono Eagle Special Interest Group:

The Pocono Eagle is a new special interest group this year at The Gathering. The Pocono Eagle was launched as a concept in early spring with the support of LeatherWerks and Stomper Boots and funded by the private donations of several GNI members. (No GNI funds are paying for any aspect of Pocono Eagle's activities). The goal of the Pocono Eagle is to attract men interested in leather to come to The Gathering. We also hope that some of our activities will give those who are interested but haven't had an opportunity to learn more about kink and leather to do so in a safe environment. We welcome all to participate and feel welcome. In the case of Boots, Bourbon & Cigars Party, this special interest group has requested people wear boots to this social activity. GNI has drag events which a dress and heals are used to project an image. Boots are one way leather men project their image. Come join us at The Gathering. You might be surprised what you might enjoy.

Pocono Eagle Planned Activities (Times and days are tentative.)

Tuesday 10: 00 pm - 11:00 pm - Boots, Bourbon, and Cigar Party. This is the dress code party; you must wear boots.  Sponsored by Pocono Eagle and Stompers Boots.  

Wednesday 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm - Meet the Meat Party is open to all GNI attendees. Keg of beer and vodka drinks.  Sponsored by Pocono Eagle and LeatherWerks. 

Thursday 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Boots, Bourbon, and Cigar Party. This is the dress code party; you must wear boots.  Sponsored by Pocono Eagle and Stompers Boots. 

Friday 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Exploratorium is open to all GNI attendees to experience a kink that you have been curious about but didn’t know where to begin.

Saturday 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm - Victory Party for Mr. GNI Leather 2017 and Mr. Bare Bear 2017.  

Dress Code for Pocono Eagle’s Boots, Bourbon & Cigars Parties

A dress code party at GNI??? Yes, it is true. There will be an enforced dress code party for naked men at GNI 2017. The Pocono Eagle and Stompers Boots are hosting the two dress code parties at the Pocono Eagle. Boots, Bourbon & Cigars Parties will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There will be bourbon; bring your own cigars (cigars will be available in the LeatherWerks Store while supplies last) and naked men with boots.

You must wear boots. The dress code will be strictly enforced. Bring boots to camp if you want to join in these parties. (A small selection of boots will be available at the LeatherWerks camp store. Also, check to order your new boots for delivery to camp.)

Having a dress code is not unique at GNI. In the past, we've offered activities that require a dress code. The zip line is one of them. Whitewater rafting is another. When we had the inflatables years ago, that was yet another activity. Wearing boots at a SIG party isn't asking much but is respecting the identity the leather guys are wanting to create for the one-hour party. If wearing boots to a party is an unreasonable request, you'll find other naked things to do in our schedule at the same time offering a little bit of something for everyone.