Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Our Next GNI Mingle is Thursday April 30th, 2020

Join Trixie May in a fun cocktail hour full of banter and laughs. Grab a drink and drop your clothes for this engaging event.

A new gni mingle with a new host every week same time same place.

Zoom Video Link:

Thursday April 30th, 2020
7 pm EST USA

Meeting ID: 849 8572 9329
Password: 162338

Hope to see you in there!

Fighting The Penis Taboo

This short film does a great job of looking at the Penis Taboo!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

GNI on Social Media

GNI has a great presence on social media platforms.  Here's a summary:

This site, BuffBuzz is our blogger site, where we publish articles and informational material about GNI and male social nudity in general.  At one time we published a newsletter called the The GNI Informer, which then became The GNI E-former, and this blog is an incarnation of that format.  We can feature full frontal nudity pictures here.

On Facebook, we have a general information page that is open to the public.  The postings here are always G-rated and are informational only.

Also, on Facebook, we have a private Facebook group that you must ask to join.  Once approved, the fact that you are in this group will not appear on your Facebook profile.  This group is PG-13 rated.  It is a very active, and is a great place to meet other guys and chat, or ask questions about GNI and social nudity in general.   Many guys post their selfies, and sometimes feature tasteful backside nudity only.    Posts and pictures are highly moderated so anything that falls outside of PG-13, or in any way is rude or disrespectful is quickly removed.

Instagram is a popular social media site that caters to picture lovers and short videos, designed for minimal interaction. Postings may include tasteful backsides, but otherwise Instagram is heavily moderated to be family friendly.

Twitter is a social media site that caters to short text and pictures that is designed for lots of interaction.  For the most part, Twitter can operate at an R or even X rating, and has largely taken over the Tumblr crowd in the last year.

MeWe is a newer social media site that has a small but loyal base.  Think of it like Facebook (since it has lots of the same features) but without moderation.   It has attracted lots of nudists who can post naked selfies without concern.  It has a fair amount of interaction, but it divides itself into group posts and a chat feed which some find confusing.

Finally, we have a few videos posted on Vimeo, a video sharing site.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Survey - GNI Wants to hear from you!

GNI wants your feedback about this blog.

Your feedback will help make this blog better

GNI Board President Comments on COVID-19.

The GNI Board president, Nick R. has recorded this video about GNI's latest response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

GNI Offering Virtual Meet-Ups!

To help all of us feel connected in these quarantined times, GNI has started offering virtual naked meet-ups recently.  

Called "GNI Mingle", these meet-ups have proven to be very popular and allows you to connect with like minded naturists from the safety of your own home.

We publicize these through our email list, and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


Our next scheduled GNI Mingle is scheduled for Thursday April 16, 2020.  

Share an evening of music. Play or listen.  Feel free to bring to the group something you've been working on, a song, a piano piece, or some instrumental solo.  All styles welcome, from pop to jazz to classical. 

It will be a naked night of music and togetherness!

All GNI members, Facebook friends and followers of GNI are welcome!

Thursday,  16 April 2020

7 pm Eastern USA

Connect on Zoom to join.

Meeting ID: 984 8497 8940

Hope to see you in there!

Gay Naturists International (GNI) Mingle