Sunday, March 20, 2016

GNI's New Communication and Social Media

Your GNI Board of Directors has taken some dramatic steps to change how we communicate with you, our members, and the male naturist community at-large. We feel that in order to reach a larger audience (and also increase attendance at Gatherings,) we need to adapt to the new ways people are communicating and interacting with each other, primarily on social media sites. Although we value all of our members equally, we realize how crucial it is to reach out and attract new (and sometimes younger) members. I know some of you lament the loss of the E-former (and The GNI Informer, for that matter,) but I want to personally invite you to expand your horizons.  That may mean joining the "closed" group on Facebook (more on that later.)

I am so excited that we've expanded our crew of media mavens. Joining the stalwart Joey M., our Social Media Manager, we will bring Brian B. on as Communications Manager. Many of you already know him as the Assistant Editor for The GNI E-former. He brings to us a talented eye for design, a budding photographer, and a dedication to an organized approach. What will keep him most busy is the twice-monthly newsletter, sent out via e-mail. You can help support  Brian by sending him articles of interest or suggestions for posts.

It's taken this small board a bit of time to figure all of this out and we thank you for your patience. We've had to be courageous and daring, knowing that what may have worked for 10, 20, or 30 years may no longer be reaching those we want to reach. We are at the very start of this new approach and are open to new directions. Few people outside that naturist community understand our particular challenges. You, and only you, are still our very best marketing tool.

On that Facebook note, remember that there is both a public GNI Fan page that anyone can join, and, a "closed" group. The Fan page is nothing more than an announcement page and does not allow individuals to post or share information, pictures, etc.; everyone on Facebook can view this page. The "closed" group is invite-only (you can ask the administrator to join and then he will approve you) and only members of the group can view the posts. Once you’re a member of the closed group, you can post comments, articles, pictures, memes, and engage other naturists who may or may not be active GNI members and their friends. It’s a great way to expand your circle of friends and reach out to male nudists all over the world. Right now, the closed group has a bit over 200 members and we'd love to see each and every one of you join up and invite your friends.

So, I'm signing off for now, your humble Secretary and yoga coordinator. Things are already ramping up for the August Gathering. We’ve already posted our Social Hour themes; it's never too early to start planning your outfits!

Jon, GNI Secretary