Monday, August 15, 2016

Members Represent GNI at Belleville Canada Pride

Belleville, Canada Pride
by Paul Rado

On July 23rd, 2016, Brian (my partner) and I took part in Belleville, Ontario pride celebrations where we set up a booth to promote GNI. Belleville is a small town in eastern Ontario. The event was very well attended in thanks to a well-run Pride Committee and progressive community leaders. The weather was picture perfect. It was a very festive day with a colourful and loud parade and a "village fair" with several vendors and various organizations. Many people showed interest in our GNI booth. This was a great opportunity to introduce people to GNI and the Gathering.  While we would have loved to have been naked at the event, Brian and I decided that public nudity would have been a bit much for a small town like Belleville.

We did, however, have GNI Gathering promotional postcards to hand out, a large GNI poster to proudly display, a GNI promotional video on my laptop, and a GNI information binder I put together including a past newsletter, information on the Gathering and GNI, and printed Gathering registration forms. Our table was adorned with the 30th Anniversary GNI towels. Brian and I put on our Canadian charm and talked up GNI and the Gathering event to the many people who keenly stopped by our display.

We hope to have attracted people to GNI by our presence at Belleville Pride. We also hope to have a booth again at Belleville Pride next year, and perhaps others pride events in Eastern Ontario, such as in Kingston, where a larger pride event happens every June.

Brian T and Paul R represent GNI at Pride.