Thursday, April 29, 2021

New BuffBuzz Editor Ready To Create New Buzz

Hello everyone. Johnny K. here. Some of you may know me as the new manager for the GNI social media accounts on Facebook and MeWe. What you may not know about me is that I am also the new editor for the GNI blog "BuffBuzz." As a way to reinvigorate the blog and get it back up and running, I thought it would be a cool idea to formally introduce myself to you guys so you could know more about me and my experience with nudism and GNI.

Just me relaxing in my room.

The picture above pretty much describes me to a T as some might say. Besides my interest in nudism (which I will mention next),  I am a hard-core video gamer. I have been playing video games since the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System came out in the mid-1980s (yes, I'm that old even though I have been told I don't look it). It's a major part of my life. In addition to that, I am very much a Disney fan. My ultimate dream right now is to move from Miami to Orlando (or somewhere nearby) so I can visit Disney frequently. And besides that, I am majorly into pop culture and just a very casual kind of guy.

A relaxing day at Haulover Beach in Miami.

My journey with nudism has been an interesting one. I was not part of a nudist family. I got into it totally 100% on my own. Growing up, I would always take the opportunity to be naked whenever I was home alone. I think that's when I started to realize how liberating nudism can be. But it wasn't until my early 20s when I finally took a chance and went to the local nude beach here in Miami (Haulover). It felt amazing to be around all the other nude people there even though I myself didn't get naked just yet. The normalcy in being around all the other nude people felt wonderful though. About my third visit is when I finally grabbed life by the balls as the saying goes and dropped my swim trunks and got fully naked at Haulover. And it felt so freeing and I just really immersed myself in the feeling of the warm sun-kissed breeze all over my body. And then I went into the ocean naked and it was just like being in the biggest bathtub ever in which everyone was allowed in. After this experience, I would never again go to a beach that wasn't nude/clothing-optional.

Unfortunately, that's about it with my nudist experiences. I have been a huge GNI follower for many years but as of yet have I been able to get involved with any of the events that this amazing organization offers. It's still something I hope to change in the next 2 years. I do hope to attend a Gathering event very soon so I can meet as many of you guys as possible. I look forward to increasing my circle of amazing nudist friends through GNI. Thankfully that's already happening with the help of social media apps and now with this blog.

I'm just going to close this first BuffBuzz blog of 2021by stating that we will be relying on you, our amazing GNI members and BuffBuzz readers, to contribute articles to this blog. Please keep an eye out on both the Facebook and MeWe social media groups for call-outs for blog writers. Whenever we have new topics for writers, we will post messages there. Also, if you ever have any ideas of GNI/nudist topics that you feel should be on our blog, or any questions about the blog, please e-mail me at: Thanks for reading this blog article about me guys. I hope you were able to learn about who I am and I look forward to learning about you all as time goes by.