Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ralph Bruneau, Mr. GNI Leather 2016 named International Mr. Leather 2017

On behalf of GNI members around the world, congratulations to Ralph Bruneau, Mr GNI Leather 2016, on being selected International Mr Leather 2017 in Chicago this past weekend! This is a huge win for all naturists, for Ralph and for GNI; we are thrilled to have Ralph represent GNI in the international leather community for the next year!! And a special thanks to those of you who made this happen, who supported Ralph, and stood by him every step of the way. It truly is a win for everyone; Ralph will make a fantastic representative and we are proud to have him represent his naked brothers.

Check out Ralph's passionate speech at IML 2017 here.

Also check out Ralph's post about his experiences at the GNI Gathering 2016 in our blog post here.  

Adelaide's 'Nude Guys Club' Going Strong

Nude Guys Club Welcomes Gay Nudists in South Australia

Back in 1975, South Australia became the first state in Australia to legalise nudity at Australia’s best known nude beach, Maslin Beach. Since then a small number of nude groups have established themselves, however they are primarily focused towards heterosexual nudists.

It was the lack of options for gay men that brought a few like-minded friends together at a nude gathering and the idea of starting a gay nude group for those in the Adelaide area was formed.

In 2015, the Nude Guys Club (NGC) was brought to life with the first ‘clothed’ social get together in a local pub to discuss and plan the new clubs future.

It was a few months later when we were approached by a local gay night club, The Mars Bar, to see if we were looking for a permanent venue to hold our nude events. 

We took them up on their offer and began holding monthly nude nights with different themed events. After a while these proved to be so popular that we started to hold events twice a month instead.
Some of our events have included after work drinks, Sunday barbeques, UV paint parties, and our very popular Starkers night, which is underwear optional for the first few hours for those guys who are a little shy to go ‘full pickle’ right from the start.

Other than our regular nights in the city, we’ve also have some get togethers at our local nude beach through the summer, nude night hikes in the Adelaide Hills and the guys are always having private nude house parties and dinners.

Adelaide is a reasonably small city, certainly smaller than Australia’s larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but we still have around 500 guys from all over the country on the mailing list and generally at our events we have around 40 to 50 guys come along to nude up and meet new friends. Most times we have new guys coming along and taking that first step to experience our nude lifestyle and socialising with the guys over a few drinks and dance in a safe nightclub environment.

With more guys coming along, new ideas are formed and we introduce other gay groups to join us. The Adelaide Leathermen join us a few times a year for a Nude and Leather night which is a mix of guys decked out in leather outfits all the way to guys being completely nude. Soon we’ll be working with local drag queens and having a Nude Drag night where guys can come along in drag makeup and hair but also be completely nude as well!

Organising NGC events and giving guys the opportunity to be nude in our community is such a rewarding experience for us, the guys are always grateful and wanting to help out. Listening to their stories and hearing about their backgrounds makes you realise that we’re all the same underneath, and there is no need to be judgmental about how people look or to be nervous about being nude – everyone should try it!

Looking to the future we will continue to provide a safe place for guys to nude up and hope that anyone travelling to Adelaide will join us to experience what our nude club has to offer.

If you would like to see what events we have coming up, please check out our website .

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Pocono Eagle lands at GNI 2017

The Pocono Eagle lands at GNI 2017

In response to requests for more leather and fetish activities, The Pocono Eagle will land at GNI 2017.  The Pocono Eagle will take the fetish activities at GNI to a new level.  

There will be Leathermen's Barracks - designated cabins.  Basic and advanced sex education classes sponsored by LeatherWerks will be held in The Pocono Eagle Dungeon.  When classes are not being held, the Dungeon will be available exclusively for the men housed in the leathermen's barracks.  The Dungeon will be open at designated times to leather men who have passed the Dungeon Certification Class. These classes will be offered multiple times during GNI.  The setting for the Pocono Eagle will be in and around the I6, I7 and I8 cabins.  

Leather cocktails will be a time for all camp participants to enjoy the Pocono Eagle and see and enjoy the Mr GNI Leather and Mr. GNI Bare Bear contestants at the “Meet the Meat” party.  The second open party will be the Victory Party for all GNI contest winners will be sponsored by the Pocono Eagle. 

In addition to the above parties, you won't want to miss the EDC (Enforced "Dress" Code - Boots required) party and the "Boots, Bourbon and Cigars" party (bring your own "cigar") sponsored by Stompers Boots, Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Make sure you pack your leather boots for The Pocono Eagle 2017.  Stay tuned for announcements of the fun to be had at The Pocono Eagle. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

GNI Board of Elections Announced

Peter Karlovich, Jon Poupore, and Mark Bivings are reelected to the GNI Board of Directors!

Nominations for GNI Board elections closed on March 31, and four (4) candidates filed to contend for one (3) positions on the GNI Board of Directors. After a month of open voting, the polls closed on April 30 and we would like to announce the winners. Returning to the Board to fill a second 3-year term, GNI would like to welcome Peter Karlovich and Jon Poupore back to the Board of Directors. Also filling a one (1) year term, we welcome back Mark Bivings. The position that Mark has been elected to fill will be open for election next year (2018) and the winner will be seated for a three-year term at that time.

Let’s welcome Peter, Jon, and Mark with open arms and offer our full support as they begin to serve GNI for another term. Congratulations, guys!

GNI Board Updates Photo Policy

Taking Photos at The Gathering

GNI has a long and storied history and has seen much change in the past 31 years. Everything from the enactment of laws protecting the LGBT community from discrimination, decriminalization of homosexuality and even same-sex marriage are just a few of the stunning changes we have witnessed. Equally stunning are the changes brought about by technology and social media.

Good or bad, right or wrong, the world moves forward. As an organization, we need to move with it or be left behind. If you are a long-time member of GNI you have seen changes like our new (just released!) website, mobile apps to provide Gathering schedules and info, and new excursions, like white water rafting, incorporated into our events. We are also undergoing a review and revamp of our IT infrastructure which we believe will reduce our costs and streamline registration and check-in/out in the near future.

In the spirit of keeping our organization current, we've sometimes found the need to become more flexible as we look over policies that are at times over 20 years old. One such policy that has not kept up with the times is our Photo Policy. To that end, we have reviewed our policy and practices and have considered updates to these somewhat out-of-date rules.

The GNI Photo Policy was originally crafted when the only way to take a picture was with a bulky, chemical film camera and the only way to take video was with a shoebox-sized recorder. These were before the days of Facebook, Snapchat, “The Selfie,” etc. Today, anyone with a cell phone can easily take photos or hours of video. And at The Gathering, as we provide info and scheduling on a mobile app, it is not unusual to see someone using their phone, so it is virtually impossible to effectively police this. Therefore, we have revised the GNI Photo Policy as follows.

GNI Photo Policy

GNI recognizes that for various reasons certain individuals do not wish to be photographed in the nude or at GNI events. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors:

1.      Those wishing to not be photographed must indicate so on their registration form. They will be issued a GNI Name Badge that is red, contained in a red holder, or be affixed with a red dot or red stripe (a “Red Tagged Badge”).
2.      Photo or videographers must be mindful of members wearing Red Tagged Badges. You may not take their photo without their permission.
3.      Photo or videographers must also be mindful of “No Photo” zones that may be posted in certain areas or at certain activities. Taking photos or videos of people in that area is not permitted.
4.      Except during certain sanctioned photo opportunities, taking of photos or videos are prohibited at all times in the Dance Club.
5.      Red Tagged Badge wearers may not participate in any high-profile contests, shows or activities where the primary activity involves being seen by others in such a way that it is impossible to segregate themselves from non-red-tagged badge wearers (e.g., on stage). If a Red Tagged Badge wearer does participate in such a contest or show, they are giving tacit approval to be photographed.
6.      For smaller events and activities, especially those organized around photography, the organizer or facilitator may establish rules specific to that event or activity. Red Tagged Badge wearers should notify the organizer of their Red Tagged status so that they may inform the other participants and ensure that the rules are understood. In any case, it is strongly suggested that photographers proactively seek the consent of participants, regardless of Red Tagged Badge status.
7.      Anyone willfully and knowingly violating this policy may be expelled from the event without refund.

We believe this revised policy addresses the important issues of privacy as well as balances the realities of the current state of technology.

We would like to hear your thoughts. Please send any comments or suggestions to Peter at

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Call for Nominations for the Murray Kaufman Natural Man Award

Help us choose this years' Natural Man Award!

Every year during the Fall / Winter Board meeting, the Board of Directors take nominations of possible candidates for the Murray Kaufman Natural Man Award and votes for the individual that best fulfills the requirements for receiving the award. Nominations are suggested by board members only, but this year, we are desiring to change the nomination process up quite a bit. Rather than relying solely on board members who may or may not know of men who might be deserving of the award, we are asking for *your* help in nominating potential recipients.

The annual award is given for one’s “recognition of his outstanding long term contribution to the growth, achievement, and good fellowship of the gay naturist movement.”  Recipients do not have to be members of GNI, nor are they required to attend a Gathering, so keep that in mind if you have any thoughts on whom might be this years’ winner. We’ve have awarded this award to non-GNI members and to men who do not identify as gay, but who’ve still met the award requirements.

If you believe that you know someone who best fulfills the requirements, send an e-mail to the GNI Business Office with the following:

·         Name of your nominee.
·         Reason for why you are nominating him – what has he done to contribute to the growth, achievement, and fellowship of naturism?
·         Any additional details of why your nominee should be considered.

Please submit your e-mail before April 1, 2017 and the board will vote on all submissions after the deadline. Don’t tell your nominee that you’ve suggested he win the award – it’s a surprise! The award winner will be announced at The Gathering on Thursday, August 24, 2017 during the intermission of the Mr. GNI contest. Put some thought to this and let us know by the deadline, and we hope to see you at The Gathering – August 18 – 27, 2017!

Movie Nights at The Gathering

By Jon P.

It's happened to all of us at Camp: there's a lecture on the films of Jeanette MacDonald at the same time as a group of guys are getting together for some fun "across the lake" while the Drag Races are just starting. I know you don't always believe us, but we work very hard as we schedule dozens of events. Sometimes (often!) simultaneous events can't be avoided. 

What you may not know is that during evening shows in the Auditorium, movies are shown nearby in the Left Dining Hall. If you're looking for some variety in your evening entertainment, stop on over. And bring a pad and some popcorn. 

I've tried some interesting themes over the last 7 or 8 years, but for the last three years have been showing newer releases to good success. Each movie usually has a theme relevant to gay men, and if there is nudity involved, all the better. Sometimes there are musicals, oftentimes a foreign-language entry or two, occasionally a hilarious gay romp. But most features are dramas or mysteries culled from the recently burgeoning gay film industry. 

I am previewing films all year, looking for titles that will interest as many guys as possible. Two years ago, I showed the amazing Stranger By the Lake, which inspired me to show the profound Tom At the Farm the next year. One night for the last several years has been devoted to the silly, on-line series Where the Bears Are

This year may include the Korean entry Spa Night. I really loved Closet Monster because I strongly identified with the lead (Connor Jessup from American Crime, Season 2.) I was skeptical about Gerontophilia, but ended up loving it; and I think you will too. 

I am always looking for suggestions. Email me here with ideas for specific movies or even themes. Imagine beyond you're own favorites and bring me titles that you think would interest the widest group of men who love movies. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

White Water Rafting at the GNI Gathering

Whitewater Rafting Returns!

Last year, GNI introduced a new and exciting off-camp excursion – whitewater rafting down the Lehigh River. We didn’t know what kind of interest our members would have but were pleasantly surprised when about 25 men signed up for each of the two day events. And boy, did they have the time of their lives! Upon returning to camp in the afternoon, as the men came off the bus, sounds of laughter and acclimation filled the air. “That was the best $55 ever spent,” said one rafter. “I was a kid again, splashing in the water and getting wet,” said another. Stories of water wars on the river dominated the conversation of who lost and who won. Everyone I spoke to asked me to please offer this event in 2017. And so we are.

This year, we are expanding the rafting options to our group giving everyone three (3) types of trips to choose from. Last year, we scheduled two Family Style rafting trips. It’s an 8-mile run of class I and II rapids, and has a touch of class III rapids; it’s ideal for everyone – beginners, groups, and older adults. This year, we are going to offer one (1) Family Style rafting trip on Thursday, August 24 for the same cost of $55 each.

In addition to the Family Style rafting trip, we’re introducing two more options, and both of them are very different experiences. On opening Saturday on the evening of August 19, we will be hosting a Moonlight Rafting trip. Moonlight Rafting is a nighttime experience like no other. Travel down 8 miles of the Lehigh River with the help of one of our professional river guides. Glow sticks on your raft provide helpful light for your voyage! Come back after your expedition and enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. It’s the perfection combination of romance and adventure. Since you’ll be rafting under the moon with an in-raft river guide (you won’t have to do any of the paddling work yourself), when you’re finished, we’ll have an apr├Ęs party waiting for you (including wine, cheese, crackers, marshmallows, etc.) with a roaring bonfire. I’m told that since this is an evening event, nudity is allowed on the river. You can sign up for this option on the GNI registration form and the cost will be $100 each.

The second, new exciting rafting trip we will be offering is the Dam Release WhitewaterYou’ll be surrounded by state park protected mountains while enjoying 12 miles and 4-5 hours of Class II, III whitewater rafting and breathtaking scenery. This is a fun, thrilling, and memorable whitewater rafting trip that everyone can do – no experience necessary! You’ll blast through over 17 rapids, laugh, get wet and have an amazing day outdoors. If you were on the river last year, imagine a longer route, more exciting rapids, and fun! Since the state park regulates water releases from which these trips can be scheduled, we’ll be offering this event on Saturday, August 26 for a cost of $75 per person.

These rates include all the necessary rafting equipment, life jackets, change rooms, shuttle service to/from the river and professional river guides, lunches, and moonlight party. There’s something for everyone and if your experience this year is like any of the guys who went last year, you’ll have the time of your life! We’ll have more information on the GNI Gathering registration form which we will be rolling out very soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Naturist: It’s who I am not what I do

By Kenn C. H. 

As with being gay, I have probably always been a naturist, even years before I knew any such thing existed. From those moments when I slipped out of my tighty-whities after sliding into bed in the darkened bedroom I shared with my older teen-aged brother to the day I reveled in the sunlight licking my exposed buttocks on my first steps onto a clothing-optional beach, I have been drawn to nudity.

These days, nudism accompanies me daily. Now I can unashamedly lounge naked on top of my bed without worries of discovery by my sibling. My spouse lies naked beside me reading and our nudity is a non-issue. And should my brother pay a visit, I would still go about nude with him in the house. In fact, if I am home and the temperature at all allows for it, I am unclothed. I can hardly imagine how strange it would feel to clean the house while wearing clothes. I normally put on some energetic music and set about my task nude. Likewise with cooking, gardening or doing laundry – a chore which naturism fortunately reduces.

Curtains for a house are similar to garments for the body: generally unnecessary and useful only as a restraint against the elements. And so, I have inadvertently – and intentionally on occasion quite honestly – exposed myself to the neighbors. Of course, I also go out into the yard, porch and terrace undressed thus giving my community even more opportunities to catch a glimpse of my goods.

Besides being a domestic nudist, I enjoy public nudity as often as possible. I currently live in a culture, Thailand, in which public nudity is both highly illegal and passionately discouraged. Still, there are times and places one can be clothes-free. These include a couple of gay saunas in the city where I live, each featuring an outdoor courtyard with swimming pool.  Before, I lived many years in Spain, a country with countless nudist or clothing-optional beaches. I’ve sunned my backside on many of them. But now my public nudity is generally reserved for vacation time. When possible I choose destinations that offer some possibility of naturism whether beaches, saunas or some other site. While I would like to be able to stay in clothes-free hotels or resorts, they are normally more expensive than other options and my budget rarely allows for such splurges. So I make do with a few minutes nude while losing myself among forested areas when hiking or on deserted beaches in off-hours.

A Trek in Nepal
I tend to practice my nudism alone or with my spouse. This is due more to practical reasons than to desire. Although I love doing nude yoga, I have yet to come across a local group where I can do this. So my naked downward-facing dogs are done in the privacy of my living room. And while I am a member of some naturist associations, my interactions with these are digital rather than in the flesh.

However, I do sometimes meet other nudist through hospitality services such as CouchSurfing, Be Welcome and CockSurfing. With these, I have hosted many guests in my house, and a few of them have been nudists. Even when they are not, I make it clear before they arrive that my house is clothing-optional and I will, at least, be nude. Most people who have hosted me, have been fine with my being nude in their homes whether or not they were nudist themselves. Of course, I would never go naked in someone else’s home without their express permission to do so.

My most public exposure to date has been in the World Naked Bike Ride. In three different years, I joined this ride in Madrid, Spain. A sense of liberation and camaraderie was generated by rolling through the heart of a large city while nude. And I loved it. I would gladly participate again if the opportunity presents itself. Memories of the bike ride stoke my dream of nakedly engaging in some other adventure activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping or SCUBA diving. Whether alone or with a group, I imagine that being nude would only enhance the adrenaline pump of those stunts.

Additionally, I would love to join a naturist event such as The GNI Gathering. And hopefully, time and finances will someday align to allow it. In the meantime, my spouse and neighbors will have to suffice as my fellowship and audience.