Monday, October 23, 2017

Mr. GNI Leather Travels West

...Wearing Only A Sash!!

San Francisco has a nude beach! Before you decide to go yourself, there are a few things to consider. I suggest that you plan to make it an afternoon activity because the beach is located below cliffs. The beach is only hit directly by sun after noon. More importantly, you do want to check the time for high tide. When I went, high tide was at 1:45pm so I didn't arrive until that time. Although you can take public transportation, I suggest making it easy on yourself. Take Uber or Lyft and ask to be taken to Marshall's Beach. Typically, the taxi/car service will drop you into a neighborhood but you want one of the roads closest to the ocean - look for a parking lot. DO NOT try to go down any way other than the stairs. Many locals take the dirt paths and it is VERY dangerous. Keep looking because the stairs ARE there.

At the bottom of the stairs you will most likely be at Baker Beach. This is also a nude beach. The gay nude beach is at Marshall's Beach, also known as Bad Boys Beach, more north and easier to access once tide has gone out. If you arrive not long after high tide you can climb over a few rocks to get around a 'point' and you will see more guys hanging out. I did spend the afternoon with a local guy who assured me that the police never come down to visit. However, as I almost climbed back up to the top at the conclusion of the visit, two officers were going down. So chose your 'activities' on the beach with caution. Oh and in addition to the water being really cold (I only went in to my knees), it is very rough. I do not suggest going into the water very far.

Brian Ballone at Gunnison Beach, NJ
Just a few days prior to going to San Francisco, I spent my Sunday afternoon on the Jersey Shore on my nude beach, Gunnison. I was super excited to get a few pictures on the west coast while wearing the Mr GNI Leather sash. As the tide went, out I was able to get closer and closer to the Golden Gate Bridge to capture some awesome shots. I was so happy! Unfortunately, due to the location, tide, setting sun...I reluctantly had to go. It's a great beach that you definitely want to check out if you can as long as you are aware that the temperature rarely gets into the high 70s especially at this beach. Overall it was a quiet crowd of maybe a dozen guys. Even on Baker Beach, I saw less than a dozen and there was only one woman. The beaches were very laid back but then again, it IS San Francisco!