Friday, November 17, 2017

How to View Official GNI Photo Albums

This is a How-To guide for Joining and viewing the official GNI photo albums posted in the Member's area of the GNI web site.

The ALBUMS are found within CIRCLES. A CIRCLE is like a collection or a gallery. You will have to JOIN a CIRCLE prior to viewing the ALBUMS contained within each CIRCLE.

Please follow the following steps to access the CIRCLES feature and JOIN the CIRCLES which contain the official GNI photos.


1. Log in the Member's Area within the GNI site

2. Access the Social Network feature from the main-tab-bar. 

3. Click MY FEATURES tab on main menu bar:

4. Click to Select MY CIRCLES


6. Choose the CIRCLE you wish to JOIN

7. Click JOIN on right side of CIRCLE page:

8. Select YES

9. Select ALL CIRCLES to return to list to JOIN more CIRCLES.

10. Locate the ALBUMS within the CIRCLE in the lower right corner of the CIRCLE page.