Thursday, June 1, 2017

Adelaide's 'Nude Guys Club' Going Strong

Nude Guys Club Welcomes Gay Nudists in South Australia

Back in 1975, South Australia became the first state in Australia to legalise nudity at Australia’s best known nude beach, Maslin Beach. Since then a small number of nude groups have established themselves, however they are primarily focused towards heterosexual nudists.

It was the lack of options for gay men that brought a few like-minded friends together at a nude gathering and the idea of starting a gay nude group for those in the Adelaide area was formed.

In 2015, the Nude Guys Club (NGC) was brought to life with the first ‘clothed’ social get together in a local pub to discuss and plan the new clubs future.

It was a few months later when we were approached by a local gay night club, The Mars Bar, to see if we were looking for a permanent venue to hold our nude events. 

We took them up on their offer and began holding monthly nude nights with different themed events. After a while these proved to be so popular that we started to hold events twice a month instead.
Some of our events have included after work drinks, Sunday barbeques, UV paint parties, and our very popular Starkers night, which is underwear optional for the first few hours for those guys who are a little shy to go ‘full pickle’ right from the start.

Other than our regular nights in the city, we’ve also have some get togethers at our local nude beach through the summer, nude night hikes in the Adelaide Hills and the guys are always having private nude house parties and dinners.

Adelaide is a reasonably small city, certainly smaller than Australia’s larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but we still have around 500 guys from all over the country on the mailing list and generally at our events we have around 40 to 50 guys come along to nude up and meet new friends. Most times we have new guys coming along and taking that first step to experience our nude lifestyle and socialising with the guys over a few drinks and dance in a safe nightclub environment.

With more guys coming along, new ideas are formed and we introduce other gay groups to join us. The Adelaide Leathermen join us a few times a year for a Nude and Leather night which is a mix of guys decked out in leather outfits all the way to guys being completely nude. Soon we’ll be working with local drag queens and having a Nude Drag night where guys can come along in drag makeup and hair but also be completely nude as well!

Organising NGC events and giving guys the opportunity to be nude in our community is such a rewarding experience for us, the guys are always grateful and wanting to help out. Listening to their stories and hearing about their backgrounds makes you realise that we’re all the same underneath, and there is no need to be judgmental about how people look or to be nervous about being nude – everyone should try it!

Looking to the future we will continue to provide a safe place for guys to nude up and hope that anyone travelling to Adelaide will join us to experience what our nude club has to offer.

If you would like to see what events we have coming up, please check out our website .