Saturday, July 13, 2019

2019 GNI Board of Directors' Election

The results of the 2019 GNI Board of Directors' election is in! We had three (3) very qualified candidates running for one (1) position. We would like to thank the three candidates for running as well as everyone who voted in this year's election. Over 22% of our members cast their ballot this year.

And the winner is ...

Brian Becnel joins the board for the first time! He will be serving a three (3) year term starting in August.

Brian Becnel 

Here's a little more information about Brian:

I've been a member of GNI since 2010. To say that it was a life-changing event is not being overly dramatic. GNI and The Gathering was the most significant catalyst on my journey to self-acceptance. Growing from a challenging childhood, coming out a bit later in my life, at age 43, my divorce process and impacts on my children, GNI and my brothers at The Gathering were there for me.

I've had the distinct honor and joy to be GNI's official photographer at each Gathering since 2015. This honor has afforded me a unique opportunity to engage with so many of our members at The Gatherings over these past few years. Prior to becoming your official photographer, I had the pleasure of being the assistant editor for the Informer and becoming the editor for the BuffBuzz digital newsletter (and blog). In 2016, I was given the most extreme honor of being named Mr. GNI. 

I believe in our organization and our mission. I've experienced firsthand the impact our brotherhood can have on another man going through any number of life's challenges. If elected, I believe I can use my passion for GNI, my own passion for a nudist lifestyle, along with my compassion for others as catalysts to bring our organization's goals to fruition.

Congratulations, Brian! Because Brian's new duties will take signficantly more time, he is resigning from the editor position of the BuffBuzz online blog. Here's a parting word from Brian.

Farewell letter from Brian Becnel:

Several years ago, I had the honor of volunteering as GNI's Assistant Editor of the Gay Naturist Informer. Three years ago, the GNI Board asked me to head up the new format for GNI newsletters (email communications) with launching the BuffBuzz online blog. Serving in these capacities has been my honor and pleasure.

Executive Director's Note: I would like to personally thank Brian for his unending commitment and volunteerism in GNI. With his departure as Editor of BuffBuzz, he leaves some big shoes to fill, but we are excited to have Brian serve in another exciting capacity. He's not going anywhere and you will still see him at camp with camera in hand when he's not attending to board duties. Let's wish Brian the best in his new role!
 ~ Rick Johnson, Executive Director