Sunday, July 14, 2019

Wisdom from Mr. GNI 2018

by: Rick Bach, Mr. GNI 2018

Hello Gents, Men, Boys, or however you fit.

For anyone who is reading this and hasn't been able to join us for The Gathering yet, do try. It can change your life, big words, but true.

Congrats to the guys who made it to Australia. We were with you in spirit . . . can only imagine.

The Gathering is on the horizon, our time together in a place of celebration and community. Let your Freak Flag Fly guys.

The anticipation of any vacation can be the best part, but The Gathering takes it all, before and after. So, plan your accessories, oil your leather and feed that joy savings account that will pay out soon.

Remember, The Gathering is your place of no judgment, expression in any way you can think of and a place to treat others the way you want to be treated. 

This, of course goes without mentioning the tremendous stature of nature and the numerous offerings of activities.

Feed that soul!

Cheers, Rick
Mr. GNI 2018