Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Message from Mr. GNI 2019, Gerald Knott

Hello All!
Words could never express the gratitude that I feel, for being chosen to represent this wonderful group of men as your new Mr. GNI 2019. 
I truly thank you and feel such honor to have this title. Please know all will be done here to continue to spread the word of this great organization.
I have met the most amazing people I could ever meet, and those never to be forgotten at GNI.   How lucky we are to have this beautiful place where we can be free to be us! 
And able to celebrate our bodies no matter how young or old, how large or small, all with imperfections and perfections. 
All without judgement. 
Thank you GNI, you're are the BEST!!!
Gerald Knott, Mr. GNI 2019