Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Paul Leppla Shares His GNI Experience

I went to GNI for the first time in 2006 and went several times in the following years. It was a very liberating time for me and was great to be with fellow nudists. 

Paul enjoying a themed social party
My husband and I are tent campers, but we have an assigned cabin and bunk available too. Most do not tent camp.  The weather at times in the Poconos is wet and you might be glad you have a dry area!  Our assigned cabin is where we shower.

The food is typical camp style with volunteers helping in the food serving building.... along with the camp employees. 

You can do many activities listed on the schedule, or you can do nothing but enjoy the pools and the climate.  I feel the activities are so many it is wise to choose carefully, or you might need a vacation from it all!

The dance hall is an evening highlight as are nearby cabin parties....
The music dance hall music is very good and there is a "theme" for the week.

Several groups/cabins have afternoon open house for all to enjoy. One is a salsa party. The "Bears" have a pool party which is always a lot of fun.

Beer, soda, & water is provided in the camp coolers by the lunchroom area.  Late afternoon cocktail party near the lake or gym (if raining) is where you can get a beer, wine or soda (diet or regular).

This daily party usually has a theme for the day where all the creative gay genes come alive.

Paul (right)
with his husband, Bill (left)
Sports activities are always going on at the sports fields and several workshops in the various cabins and gym.  Learning how to give a massage comes to mind!   Oil wrestling is always popular.

As the days go on, the larger theater/meeting area there is entertainment and various talent contests. This happens in the evening.  In one of the dining halls there is usually a gay theme movie with popcorn!

Across the lake is another “play area” that you might want to check out.... again, across the lake!

You will meet many nice people from all over the country and the world.  I recommend going.

--Paul Leppla, Dayton, Ohio