Tuesday, December 29, 2020

BuffBuzz Blog Survery Results

Back in the fall, we sent out a survey asking your opinions about this blog, the BuffBuzz.men blog.

GNI will using the results of this survey to craft our 2021 communication plan, and helping to optimize our social media going forward.  

Here are the survey results:

We had 204 responses, which we thought was a very good response rate!

Listed below are the the questions we asked and the top responses

1.  When do you visit the BuffBuzz blog?

47% = every time I get an email reminder

2.  The current publishing frequency is:

73% = as it currently is

3.  How would you rate the BuffBuzz blog?

49% = Good

16% = Excellent 

21% = No Opinion 

4.  What topics are you interested in?

25% = news about the Gathering

23% = GNI business / organizational news

23% = news about male social nudity (non-GNI)

15% = interviews with members 

14% = articles about GNI history

5.  Buff Buzz layout?

53% = Good

38% = Excellent 

6.  BuffBuzz photos?

48% = Good

42% = Excellent 

7.  BuffBuzz ease of reading?

47% = Good

43% = Excellent

8. BuffBuzz article length

53% = Good

38% = Excellent

Some Comments:

Potential Meet Ups for travel, trips and planning.

I have sent a few emails and you guys are great getting back to me in a timely and very personal manner... I have not attended The Gathering yet, but the more you guys talk to me... the more I get excited about cumming... I hope I have the courage to come this year!! Kisses!! Love you guys!!!

Is there any gay nudists places in southern Ca 

Where nudist places are.

I know we’re still getting BuffBuzz off the ground, but I’d enjoy a bit more content. Yes, I know that’s the hard part. So, good job so far. Let’s keep this going.

I know it’s a lot of work and it’s greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I thoroughly enjoy the group and the offerings. I get the impression the way the blog is set up and the site for GNI it was done several years ago. I don't know what your budget is, but you might want to have a professional look at the site and make recommendations for a revamp.

T hi s is the first time I am seeing this. I have not received any other communication on this group. I am very interested and want to participate more.

a wonderful blog

I just really wish to be part of the family and attend your gatherings

Hello, j'aimerais qu'un tel rassemblement existe en Europe avec un changement de pays chaque anne y compris en France ne pouvant pas aller au usa.

More pictures!!!

I just learned about GNI recently. I plan on to start participating and being more involved in the future especially after the COVID-19 is over.

Thanks it's inspirational seeing other men my age my very similar condition enjoying themselves.

Thanks for the interviews with others from around the country. Makes me think I am not alone with my feelings. I am sorry that my situation prevents me from attending a GNI in August. I would love it.

Keep up the good work

I apologize that I don’t check in often enough to read it. My experience is too limited to be of value to you.

I've never really looked at it... so can't really say either way. Thanks.

You know, I love being nekkid, I love sun and air on my body, but I am a near micro-penis guy growing more and more aware of how different I am. I have seen shots of similar guys, they might not label themselves thusly, but they're out there. I would love any "talk" about this in GNI or BuffBuzz.

More photos are always welcome.

 More videos would be nice

I would think under the isolation, you would have included questions about attendance to travel and camp in August

I look forward to getting the latest BuffBuzz edition.

It helps me feel connected during this time of isolation. Many of us are really alone.

didn't know there was a blog but I don't read blogs don't know what they are now buffbuzz I read when it is sent to me

I like it. It's difficult to please everyone and like most old people I miss the paper copy days of publications, but a blog actually is so much easier to produce and more timely. So I would not change anything.

It would be better, more interesting, and more pleasurable to read if it were presented in an online magazine format with pages that turn like a magazine. Magazine style communications are simply better, even if only a few pages.

I don't bother with the BuffBuzz blog. Were it to disappear, I probably wouldn't notice.

I'd like to see members be able to post their photos on the blog. Thank you.

good for maintaining GNI visibility among members

It seems clunky when I want to read an article. I wish it was just one document I could access like a magazine.

I can’t recall the last time I saw this publication. Stick to Facebook and Instagram. Would enjoy ride share section before the gathering to facilitate travel.

having a broad spectrum of topics, with more focus relating to the Gathering & events during the Gathering. So as to create more interest in going to Penn in Aug.

It almost seems irrelevant to keep posting the blog this summer. See you in 2021.

A regular schedule would be nice to have, even if posted less often.