Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New Website and Membership Directory Coming in 2021

After 18 years of using MemberClicks, GNI will be migrating away from using this service and signing on to a more dynamic, lower cost service. 

What does this mean for you as a member? 

All of your contact information will remain intact, but if you’ve been using the social community module in MemberClicks (posting on walls, sending internal messages to other members, sharing photos, etc) we won’t be able to carry that over to this new service. 

If you are an active member (that is, your membership has not yet expired) and want to save any information before we turn off the MemberClicks service, we encourage you to log in to your profile and save as much information before it’s no longer accessible. 

Our new directory provider will have a similar social community feature that will allow you to post on walls, share photos, send internal and instant messages to other members, etc. but will also change how you will set up your payment profile for paying your membership dues and Gathering registration fees. 

We’ll have lots more on this later when we finally finish the data migration and build the social community for you. 

We’re hoping to roll this out around February 1 but are working hard to expedite this for a mid-January release. Once this change is made, you’ll see other major features that we have been working on as well. We’ll be assigning new login credentials and have a new membership form, donations form, and Gathering registration form along with other surprises coming soon. 

Executive Director