Thursday, July 13, 2017

Curious about Leather Community at The Gathering?

How to Get Involved at The Gathering - Sponsor a Special Interest Group (SIG):

GNI members have many different interests in addition to being a naturist. GNI is the host of activities that focus on the entire Gathering such as the social hour, dance club, and entertainment in the auditorium. In addition, there are many different activities which are sponsored and funded by cabins or special interest groups.

GNI's official schedule will offer other naked activities to attend during the time when SIG parties are scheduled. Each of us can self-select what we want to do with our time. No one is required to participate in everything, or anything, for that matter. Some special interest group activities attract 5 to 10 people and others attract 100 or more. GNI's goal is to encourage groups to offer activities of interest to a segment of the men attending The Gathering. If the activity is of interest to all, then everyone is welcome. Choose what you want to do and skip the things that don't interest you. 

It's what makes The Gathering fun.