Thursday, July 13, 2017

Construction, Renovations, and Upgrades … Oh My

Construction, Renovations, and Upgrades … Oh My!

In preparation for our 2017 annual Gathering, I was in Pennsylvania in mid-June for a week and had the opportunity to visit the camp for an afternoon. And let me tell you, the camp is not sparing any expense on the new construction, renovations, and upgrades they are making to the facilities! Let’s start with the cabins.

At the time of my visit, six cabins have been totally renovated; I mean, from top to bottom. Those six cabins have brand new interiors including new knotty-pine interior siding; the rafters have been removed and the ceiling has also been finished in knotty pine. You’ll also find brand new bathrooms in these cabins – new toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and even new electrical outlets at each bed. In addition, the old windows have been replaced with double pane, tinted windows that actually close tight! And finally, those cabins have real doors. Real doors! And a ceiling fan!!

The next huge renovation that you’ll immediately see if you’ve been to The Gathering is that both dining halls have also been redone with knotty pine siding and new light fixtures over the serving line! This changes the ambiance of the dining halls completely. Remember the two bathrooms right outside the doors on the back side of both dining halls? Yup, they’ve been totally refurbished, too, with new fixtures, lights, and knotty pine siding. But it doesn’t stop there.

Remember the two sets of mobile port-o-potties that were parked behind the left dining hall? Well, they’re gone. In their place is a whole new building structure consisting of eight (8) brand new restrooms, also done in knotty pine. In fact, there is so much knotty pine installed, I was told that over 100,000 linear feet of wood was purchased and installed over the winter months since December!

But we’re not done. Make your way into the auditorium and you’ll find a brand new, huge, exhaust ceiling fan in the middle of the seating section. Don’t worry; I already checked it out to see how loud it was and it’s super quiet. We test drove the fan and turned it on low and you could barely hear a hum. As soon as the fan got up to speed, a nice breeze was wafting through the screened windows. On those hot, swelter-y Pocono evenings when we’re all sitting in the auditorium, we’ll experience the cooling effects of the badly needed major improvement. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in addition to the six cabins that have been totally renovated, an additional nine (9) cabins have had significant partial renovations to the back wall (also done in knotty pine) and brand new bathrooms with knotty pine siding, toilets, sinks, showers, faucets, etc. Those cabins are slated for completion by next year with additional cabins being chosen for renovations next year.

Finally, you’ll see two new buildings near the main camp office – right across the way from the main office by the left dining hall and right outside of the GNI Business Office. One building will be used for storage while the other has multipurpose uses. While the exteriors have been done on both of these two buildings, the interiors still have yet to be completed, but you’ll see noticeable changes when you arrive. Now I’m sure you’re wondering exactly which cabins have been renovated and if any of them are yours. You’ll have to see when you get to camp … if you haven’t signed up to join us for this years’ Gathering, do so! Registration is ongoing through 10:00 am on WednesdayAugust 23 but you’ll have to sign up prior to that time for the attendance option of your choice. You may be one of the attendees who’s assigned to these renovated cabins!