Saturday, February 10, 2018

GNI Now Offers Comprehensive Travel Protection

GNI Offers Travel Protection

We've all been through this at one time or another ... your plane has been delayed and you miss your connection. Or when you do arrive at your destination, you find that your luggage didn't make the flight with you; it's been lost or delayed. Flight delays, missed connections, delayed or lost luggage - those are the realities of travel in our times. The majority of travelers take the chance that airline and transfer schedules will all work seamlessly and luggage will arrive and for the most part, the travel industry does a good job. But on occasion, just one small delay in a very large and complex travel machine creates a cascade of misfortune for a weary traveler.

For that and many other reasons, GNI is now offering a comprehensive travel protection plan for all of your travel needs. GNI's Gathering and travel-related costs add up quickly. It's your hard-earned money so why take the chance on having your vacation interrupted for reasons beyond your control?

Click the image to visit the GNI-TripAssure site.
A travel protection plan is a package of benefits and services intended to protect your investment, your personal belongings, and you. Most plans provide benefits for:
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Medical expenses
  • Missed connection
  • Travel delay
  • Baggage loss
  • 24 / 7 Worldwide Traveler Assistance
GNI now offers a comprehensive travel protection plan. We have partnered with TripAssure - a leading provider of trip insurance to bring everyone the option of a comprehensive travel package with affordable premiums and a number of plans to choose from. Secure your financial investment for GNI's Gathering or use it anytime for any other travel-related reason, i.e. holiday vacations, testing your luck rolling dice in Las Vegas, surprising your loved one with dinner and a show on Broadway, or taking that long awaited vacation oversees.

The travel protection plans that we are offering is about more than just flight delays, missed transfers, and lost luggage. Depending on the level of coverage that one obtains, we also offer medical / dental coverage, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, and probably the most important coverage - trip cancellation or interruption.
GNI has a fairly strict cancellation policy when it comes to The Gathering; we've been offering a "Cancellation Guarantee" option for $53 which allows men to cancel their registration for any reason up to August 1 with no cancellation penalties. But what happens to those that have to cancel after August 1 who've signed up for the Cancellation Guarantee or simply chose not to sign up for it at all? After August 1, Gathering fees are non-refundable. Every year though, we have a handful of men who request that we take their specific circumstances into consideration if they have to cancel after August 1. Reasons vary from a scheduled surgery, a wedding, a funeral, aging parents needing assistance, to work revoking planned time off, loss of a job, being hospitalized or just being sick with the flu. 

One of our travel protection plans does cover trip cancellation and interruptions and reimburses a percentage of prepaid and unrefundable trip costs for those that sign up for it thereby offering additional coverage that GNI simply cannot offer on our own. We very much encourage anyone who attends our Gathering to cover the cost of The Gathering and all of their other vacation plans with one of our travel protection plans. You'll be happy that you did if the time ever came that you needed to file a claim. 

Compare our plans, coverage, and benefits and select the plan that's best for you by clicking on the image below or call Customer Service at (800) 423-3632.