Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Love Is In The Air: Meet Our Couples!

Brad & Ben at The Gathering
Frederic & Larry, Gathering 2017

Hi there! Mind sharing your names? 
  • Larry and Fred
  • Ben and Brad
Nice to meet you! How long have you two been together? 
  • L & F: 9 years!
  • B & B: 31 years!
Beautiful! Did you meet at GNI prior to becoming a couple? If so, do you mind sharing your story? If not, what was it like attending GNI together for the first time?
  • L & F: We first met in Paris a few years before we went to our first GNI event which was NakedFest in MD in 2015. We had a great time at Ramblewood and it was a great experience being naked outdoors with hundreds of other men. We then attended our first Gathering in 2016.
  • B & B: Our first time attending together was great, and we just keep returning. It has been over ten years now!
What is your favorite thing to do at GNI; either together or separate?
  • L & F: We just enjoy meeting new people and seeing familiar faces 😀 every year. The openness of having fun and participating in all of the activities is awesome. We love the social events and the entertainment. Miss Lace (with Hazel and Trixie hosting, of course) is a lot of fun. Mr GNI Leather and Mr GNI contests are also so fun to watch (and, who knows, perhaps we will compete next year)!
  • B & B: Ben loves to swim while at camp, and Brad really enjoys the disco. 
Is there a spot at camp you find to be especially romantic where you both retreat to in order to just enjoy one another's company?
  • L & F: Laying to together in the shade down by the lake and next to the gazebo or taking a shower together outside by the tennis courts.
  • B & B: Not really, we just enjoy the energy that camp brings and attending together. 
If you could give any advice to couples that want to attend The Gathering together, what would it be?
  • L & F: Just come and enjoy...leave your inhibitions and fears with your clothes on the ground the moment you arrive. Everyone is accepting and there to meet each other and enjoy just being themselves. Attending GNI is a great way to connect with people, to relax, and to have fun.
  • B & B: Nothing to be nervous about! Just come to The Gathering and enjoy yourselves!
Picture It! Opening credits on the big screen, a movie about GNI and your experience together at camp: whats the title of the movie? Any particular song that you would play over the opening credits that encapsulates the energy of camp?
  • L & F: Since I (Larry) am a child from the 70s, the movie Meatballs with Bill Murray comes to mind because of the camp theme....and the motto of "it just doesnt matter." Who remembers that? I take that to mean just be yourself and enjoy...it doesnt matter what craziness is going on outside the camp. Thoughts of my French husband and our time in Europe, and my love for zany comedy, I could also see a scene of hundreds of men running across the camp singing "the hills are alive with the sounds of Griswolds" as Chevy Chase did in from European Vacation (although in Lederhosen). He used to be soooo funny...what happened? :)
  • B & B: Hmm... I guess, Natural Vacation! 😎
Thanks so much for taking some time to answer our questions! (:
Hope to see you boys this year at camp!