Saturday, September 25, 2021

BOOO!!! I SCARED YOU!!!! - Watch Parties Are Back in Spooky October

 By Johnny Konapelsky - GNI BuffBuzz Editor

And Jon Poupore - GNI Board Member

Hey naked friends! This year is flying by so fast. We blinked and it was 2021. We blinked again and it was time for NakedFest. One more blink and NakedFest was over. *BLINK* The year is already almost over??!! October is just about to rear its creepy, scary, zombie face in just a few weeks. And with that GNI is very happy to bring back our movie Watch Parties with "GNI October Horror-Athon!!

Hosted by GNI board member Jon Poupore, for five Fridays on YouTube and Zoom we will be watching five fun, weird, (and not too terribly frightening) horror flicks. You can sign up here! (If you get a redirect page, just click the link again on that page to be taken to the correct site for signing up.)

Each Watch Party will begin at 8 p.m. EST. You will actually watch the movie on YouTube while connected with your fellow viewers on Zoom (links will be emailed to you). Afterward, you're welcomed to hang around in Zoom to chat. 

Want to know which movies we'll be watching and when?? Below you will find the dates and the movies shown. Get ready for a creepy fun time!

October 1: Deep Red: One of the first Italian "giallo" films. It's more of a cop drama than horror perhaps, but a real shocker. 

October 1 Film

October 8: Nightmare Castle: Barbara Steele stars in a dual role. We have another Italian Gothic horror classic in delicious black and white.

October 8 Film

October 15: Who Slew Auntie Roo? After Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, every "senior" actress took a star turn in a horror movie. This is Shelley Winter's bizarre take on the classic Hansel and Gretel tale. 

October 15 Film

October 22: The Abominable Dr. Phibes: One of Vincent Price's most memorable roles is the creepy Phibes who visits the ten plagues on the people responsible for his wife's death in a botched operation.

October 22 Film

October 29: Black Christmas: The original slasher flick. This is one of the main inspirations for John Carpenter's Halloween which came out four years later. 

October 29 Film

For those not aware, Watch Parties are Zoom meetings that usually happen a few times a year, and sometimes if it's a theme month like Halloween in October, it may happen a couple times in one month. To be put on our email list for all of the GNI Watch Parties including the October Horror-Athon please click here. (If you get a redirect page, just click the link again on that page to be taken to the correct site for signing up.) Sign up (if you haven't already) and get ready for some spooky good Watch Parties next month!!!