Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016 Gathering Survey Results

The 2016 Gathering Survey Results are in

Each year after The Gathering ends, we invite participants who’ve attended The Gathering an opportunity to send us their feedback. We use these comments to see what people liked, what they didn’t like, what they might want to see changed, etc. While the survey can be conducted anonymously and most of the respondents do take advantage of having anonymity, the board values those that identify themselves and in cases that necessitate further communication, we are able to reach out to those individuals. Comments are, as you can imagine, all across the board. There is always a subset of a few people that dislike everything about the event and those on the other end of the spectrum that love everything. For those of us who parse through this feedback to pick out topics that we may be able to incorporate in future planning, we find this to be a daunting task knowing that we will never please everyone. But we do try our very best to spend your hard-earned dollars to make The Gathering a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone who attends.

Follow this to read the unedited compilation of the feedback of 144 members who took the time to reply to this survey. We thank those that participated. The board has read through these comments at our Fall / Winter board meeting held in Fort Lauderdale on October 21 – 22, 2016 and discussed some of them in detail. The feedback is divided into sections which comprises the first 70 pages. The last section of the shows the “Individual Responses” of everyone who answered the survey in full. Take a look and see the comments for yourself and you’ll begin to understand the challenges we face when planning this event.