Wednesday, December 14, 2016

GNI Naked Getaway / Naturists at Vitambi Springs (N-VS)

GNI Naked Getaway™ / Naturists at Vitambi Springs (N-VS)

N-VS nude weekends for men are set for early 2017 at Vitambi Springs Florida Wilderness Resort & Camp in Clewiston, FL. GNI is a promotional sponsor of N-VS weekends as part of its Naked Getaway™ series. The next one, themed as "Jungle," takes place Friday-Sunday, January 6-8, 2017.

Two-thirds of Vitambi Springs’ 269-acre (109-hectare) property are always clothing-optional, but N-VS (plus naked yoga and bare bear) weekends have an extended nudity policy covering the entire property (except for Big Oak Lodge, the clubhouse, where food and beverage service preclude full nudity, due to county regulations).

Vitambi Springs is located about 90 minutes’ drive northwest of Fort Lauderdale. It is approximately two hours’ drive from Miami and about the same from many locations along Florida’s southwest coast.

On N-VS weekends, current GNI members (with proof of membership) are eligible for a 3-4-2 special (click and scroll down). Book for two nights and get a third night free at the same level of accommodation.

Below are the currently scheduled nude weekends for men at Vitambi Springs in early 2017.

·         N-VS: JungleJanuary 6-8, 2017
·         N-VS: CarnivalFebruary 24-26, 2017
·         N-VS: BreezeApril 14-16, 2017(includes naked Easter egg hunt)

Find out more on the Vitambi Springs web site or call 1 (863) 983-8488 for questions and reservations.