Sunday, December 4, 2016

An Essay on Gay Naturism

Essay On Gay Naturism
by H.S.

My first introduction to gay naturism was around age 60. The effect was immediately electrifying. The feeling of free abandon in the out-of doors and in the presence of like-minded others was something I had always craved yet not as yet experienced. But there was more to come.

I soon realized that naturists are very tranquil people. They are also more altruistic in personal ways: helpful, kindly, benignly pleasant. They never seem to grow angry about anything, never cursing one another out, or become garrulous. When naked, one chooses to be basically defenseless: you cannot steal, fight, or carry on in an unseemly way, when you cannot easily vacate yourself from a self-created unpleasant situation. You present yourself to your fellow man in an unguarded way. You trust him and he trusts you to be well behaved and well disposed.

About exposing one’s genitals, to a gay man, these are an adornment – not something to be disguised or hidden from view. And the feeling of gentle zephyrs and warm sunshine to your body’s most sensuous area make one more aware of his physical self and that of others. The occurrence of erections is also not to be disapproved of, for it is a natural periodic occurrence to be taken in one’s stride and not shunned or apologized for. And it is most appreciated when other nudists show the same neutral reaction.

I am convinced that there would be less domestic and inter-personal violence in this world if everyone participated periodically in social nudism. And, on a larger scale, that there would be less pugilism, mayhem, fewer murders and fewer wars. Life for everyone would become more peaceable.

Maybe future years will see more acceptance of naturism for everyone. Why should it be illegal to be one's natural self in the open? Let’s go for it!