Sunday, December 18, 2016

GNI Purchases Massage Tables for The Gathering

With GNI’s commitment to continue to invest in quality programs we bring to our annual Gathering, we are thrilled to announce that GNI has purchased twelve (12) professional massage tables for use at The Gathering during our massage workshops. Massage is a very popular event and it’s time that we move away from the use of hard rental tables and provide our attendees with a much more comfortable, relaxing experience. We’re sure that this will please both the givers and receivers of massage.

In addition, every year we have a number of massage therapists that offer their private massage services to individual. For those therapists that would like to use one of our tables to give private massages, we will provide the table to them for a small rental fee. They will not have to worry about transporting their own table to The Gathering or making use of other furniture to give massages. Since these tables are primarily used for massage workshops, private massages with the use of our tables may not be offered during the scheduled activity but may be reserved for use before or after the group workshop. See Rick or one of his staff members during The Gathering to make arrangements for use of a table.

We’re sure this will be a great benefit at The Gathering and we invite you to join the massage workshops throughout the week.