Sunday, August 15, 2021

NakedFest 2021 - Have Pictures to Share? We Have a Place to Post Them!

 By Johnny Konapelsky - GNI BuffBuzz Editor

Hey guys! NakedFest is right around the corner. I know everyone is super excited about getting there and beginning to experience everything this event has to offer. And one of the big things that will be happening almost everywhere you look is picture taking. Be it with a cell phone or an actual digital camera, photos will be snapped all over camp every day. But where can you post them? I have the answer for you.

But first, a disclaimer: if you are taking pictures of anyone else besides yourself at camp, please keep an eye out for the name tags from the other attendees. What you need to look for is a red dot or a red bar on their name tag. If you see this, that means this individual is not comfortable with the concept of having their picture taken. So please be respectful and do not take their picture and/or make sure they are not anywhere in the photo frame. If you don't see a red dot/bar on their tag, then snap away. (Helpful hint: ask guys for their names/social media usernames so you can tag them when you post up their pictures online.)

Now I promised you a moment ago where you can share these pictures. Here's the answer: GNI's social media groups on Facebook and the MeWe app. :)

The Facebook group can be found here or by searching for Gay Naturists International. I strongly suggest joining if you haven't done so already. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you will be accepted after we review your application. 

Facebook GNI Group on cell phone FB app.

Now a few important notes when posting pictures to Facebook. 

#1 Unfortunately, the FB bots are very anti-nudity. So the first most important note is to censor any penises that are in the picture. Go through the picture closely and censor, censor, censor. Thankfully butts are allowed to be in the pictures. 

#2 The next note is to make sure that no one is standing in a sexually suggestive position. So no spread legs, no looking up point of view, things of that nature. Just natural poses or cool action shots of guys having a good time are great. 

#3 If you plan on posting multiple pictures, Facebook (and MeWe) will allow you to add many pictures to one posting. So add a bunch of pictures if you want or just do one at a time as you take them. 

#4 And lastly (this goes for MeWe too) make sure every picture posting has a caption/description. That way we know where it was taken or what was going on in the shot. If a caption/description is not added, you may be contacted by me asking you to repost with a caption/description. So make sure you always add one. 

Now if you want more freedom in your posting and don't want to have to worry and waste time with censoring penises in your pictures, then the next option might be the best for you. And that's the group we have on the MeWe social media app. You can find it here. Again, just like Facebook, I strongly recommend joining this group as well. The great thing about MeWe is that the app does allow full frontal uncensored nudity. So you don't have to censor any images whatsoever. 

MeWe group page on MeWe mobile app

There are also a few rules for MeWe:

#1 No sexually explicit images. Since you don't have to censor images, penises will be shown. Please make sure that there are no erect penises in the shots and no sexually suggestive positions. No bending over, no spread-eagle, and no looking up point of view. 

#2 Just like with Facebook all images must include a caption/description before being submitted. Feel free to take members if they are ok with it (and they are in the picture and not a red dot/red bar attendee). 

#3 Do not post pictures in the chat room. Please post all pictures in the main group/main posting area. 

#4 Feel free to post your pictures in groups just like mentioned earlier to make it easier for members to see them. Or you can post them one at a time as you take them. 

And there you go guys, you have two great options to share your pictures online: the GNI groups on Facebook and MeWe. Join the groups and add your pictures. It's a great way to ensure your images will be saved in case you lose them and for all members (including those not attending) to see how much fun you're having. If you have any questions about the social media apps feel free to ask any of the GNI board members at NakedFest or private message me online and we'll do our best to help you out. Have a great NakedFest 2021!!!!!!