Sunday, August 15, 2021

NakedFest 2021: Preview Thoughts From a New Nudist First Timer

 Article by James G. - GNI Member

Foreward by Johnny Konapelsky - BuffBuzz Editor

Hey guys. We have another NakedFest first-timer perspective article for you to check out. What makes this article a bit different is that James G. will not only be experiencing NakedFest for the first time, but he's also pretty new to the nudist lifestyle. So he's taking a flying leap into nudism and going outside his comfort zone. This will also be a 2-part article. Below you will find his impressions and feelings before attending NakedFest. Next month you will be able to read about James's experience afterwards and find out exactly how things went for him. Enjoy the article guys! 

Hello fellow GNI members. So where to start...As a recently out gay man in my 50s, I wanted to explore not only my "new" identity but my desire to look into nudism. I have been to a few nude beaches over the years but never have I spent days naked with a group of gay men. The thought is exciting, liberating, and terrifying all at the same time. Will it be fun? Will I be able to relax and enjoy my time there? Will people talk to me or will I be lonely in a sea of naked gay men? All of these thoughts and many others have run through my mind.

Just a picture of myself relaxing at home

As I shared my plans with people I know, some on social media platforms and some in person, reactions were mixed. Some supportive and some more incredulous. "Why?" was a question I often got as a response. The answer in my mind is clear: I know I enjoy nudism but to what extent should I make it more a part of my life? Also, as I came out about 3 and a half years ago, a lot of that time was in isolation due to COVID. As a result, socializing with gay men and finding a new community have been tough. I came to realize what better way to go all-in than by going to a gathering of naked men. That's when I decided to sign up for NakedFest (although only for a half week - just in case). 

While I am very nervous about being naked for those few days and what people will think about my body, I am hopeful that I will find a group of like-minded guys with who I can relax and enjoy being in their company. While I am looking forward to some of the classes, particularly yoga, I am more interested in getting to know people and enjoying the company of the other guys there. I know I will be nervous and be too shy to introduce myself and become part of the community. Additionally, I am looking forward to dancing naked and just being free to enjoy myself. I think my ultimate main goal from NakedFest is to find a group of new friends, a new community, and to deepen my understanding of my desire to spend more time naked. In short, I am hoping to get over my nervousness and just to have fun. 

Btw, if you see me at NakedFest, please say hi as I may be too nervous to do so myself. See you guys at NakedFest!