Sunday, August 15, 2021

The NakedFest Mobile App/Website - THE Must Have App/Website At a Glance

 By Seth Paronick - GNI Member

As a reminder, especially for first-time attendees, all the information about NakedFest (including the very important detailed schedule) is available on a mobile app that can be found here: BuffBuzz last carried a brief tutorial three years ago that you read here

To summarize, sign in with your e-mail address to make the app yours. You can then select any scheduled item to make a unique schedule of your own. You can even message others who also have signed up. 

Snapshot of GNI NakedFest App Home Screen

Look at the app in advance of your arrival at NakedFest so that you know what you expect. If you plan to use the app on a smartphone or a tablet, temporarily save it as your home page (See the tutorial link above for instructions).

Of course, if you don't have or don't plan to carry a device with you, you may check each day's schedule on the official bulletin boards or print a copy to take with you at the Print Kiosk. 

Enjoy using the NakedFest app, it will become your new best friend and a constant source of information. See you guys at NakedFest!